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Caring for your laminate and woof flooring

Caring for you laminate and wood flooring

Laminate and wood flooring is not only stylish but it is durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. However, to make sure your laminate and wood flooring stays looking its best, there are a few measures you can take. 


It starts at installation

After having your laminate or wood flooring fitted it is best to wait at least 48 hours before mopping your floor. This is too allow your floor to settle and for any adhesive used to dry thoroughly.


Don’t over-soak

When cleaning your laminate or wood flooring, make sure you don’t use too much water. Water can seep behind the baseboards of your flooring causing damage which may result in you having to replace your flooring. A simple vacuum followed by cleaning with a damp mop will keep your laminate or wood flooring clean.


Look out for spills

When it comes to spills, like all other flooring, laminate and wood is no different. Make sure you wipe up all spills straight away, especially liquids. Liquids can cause damage to the floor’s surface as well as getting underneath the baseboards and causing further problems. Use a clean dry cloth to gently soak up the moisture or dampen it slightly to remove tougher spills. Leaving spills for too long can cause permanent staining to occur.


Use recommended cleaning products only

Only use cleaning products that are made specifically for laminate and wood flooring. Waxes, bleach, strong solvents and abrasive polishes should not be used as they can damage your floor’s surface coating. If you do clean your laminate or wood flooring with a cleaning product, make sure that you dry your floor thoroughly so that no residue remains.


Protect your floors

It is a good idea to use floor protectors on the legs of your furniture. This will help prevent scratching and stop your furniture from leaving indentations in your floor. In high traffic areas, such as doorways, mats and rugs will help to trap dirt and stop it from being tracked through your home. Make sure to use anti-slip underlay so avoid them slipping on your laminate or wood flooring.