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Laminate flooring

Give your home an instant refresh with some stylish, affordable and durable laminate flooring from ScS. Hard-wearing, practical and highly attractive, our laminate collection offers some fantastic choices for updating your living spaces.

Adding some new flooring can immediately transform a room. Whether you’re upgrading some worn out flooring or completely redecorating a space, laminate floors can give living areas a fresh look and a new lease of life.

Laminate has become a popular choice of flooring for homeowners thanks to its hardwearing quality, attractive designs and affordability.

We have a wide range of high quality laminate flooring available in a huge selection of attractive patterns, beautiful shades and realistic finishes, from traditional light and dark brown wooden designs with authentic looking grains, to contemporary grey and silver styles and even stunning marble effects. Whether you want to give your home a timeless appeal with neutral designs or something striking to catch the eye when you walk into a room, with countless styles to match many interior décors, you’re bound to find the perfect complement for any colour scheme in our vast collection of laminate flooring.

Suitable for many areas of the home, from kitchens and bedrooms to living areas, landings and even bathrooms, our laminate selection is highly durable and strong enough to withstand even the busiest areas of your home. With plenty of water-resistant ranges also to choose from, you’ll find options for even the trickiest areas of the home. Whether contending with children, pets or heavy footfall, your flooring handles a lot of usage, which is why it’s important to choose the right option for your home. Our laminate ranges boast up to 30 year stain and wear guarantees, scratch guard coating and water-tight options, offering extra peace of mind that you’ll be able to love your laminate for many years to come.

Made with luxury and excellence at the forefront, most of our laminate ranges are also suitable for both electrical and warm water underfloor heating systems, offering the opportunity for that extra level of comfort in your home.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, our collection also includes ranges made from wood ethically sourced from sustainably managed forests, recycled and controlled sources, offering a fantastic choice of flooring that’s not just a treat for your home, but great for the environment.


Choosing your laminate


There are a few things you need to consider when looking for the best laminate option for your home. The laminate you choose will largely depend on where in the home you plan to install it. To start making your selection, think about what the room is used for, how much it is used and whether it has a lot of footfall. Laminate flooring is hugely versatile and is generally suitable for most areas of the home; however, each area may have different requirements.

Here are our suggestions for things to consider when shopping for your laminate:

Laminate flooring in living rooms

Thanks to its durability and versatility, laminate is a brilliant choice for living rooms. As an incredibly hardwearing piece of flooring, it’s a great option for an area that gets a lot of use, such as the living room. As your living room is likely to hold large, heavy pieces of furniture, and potentially have a lot of footfall, we recommend choosing a slightly thicker laminate.

Laminate flooring in dining rooms

Laminate is a great, practical option for a dining room where accidental spills are likely to take place, as it’s so easy to clean. Ensure you choose a laminate that’s slightly thicker if you plan on having a large table in your dining room, to avoid stressing the joints and causing damage to the flooring.

Laminate flooring for hallways

As a walkway into your home, you hallway can be quite a high traffic area in the home and, as such, will require a hardwearing option that can deal with a lot of foot traffic. With this mind, laminate is an excellent choice of flooring for the hallway. Laminate also benefits from a protective coating, which helps to protect it from scuffs and scratches from shoes.

Laminate flooring in kitchens

As laminate is so resilient and incredibly easy to maintain, it’s the perfect option for kitchen areas. As an area that is likely to be exposed to water from cleaning and spillages, etc. it may be a good idea to opt for a water-resistant option.

Laminate flooring in bathrooms

Laminate can Laminate is not the most practical option for a bathroom as over exposure to water can cause damage. However, there are ranges of laminate flooring available that have a water-tight finish that are more suitable for bathrooms than other laminate ranges. As laminate is not completely resilient to water, rather than waterproof laminate flooring, look for water-resistant ranges that are able to handle more moisture than other ranges.


Choose your colour and design


Laminate comes in a huge variety of styles, shades and realistic effects, copying the finishes of natural materials, such as wood, stone and tile. The design you choose will depend on the kind of aesthetic you want your home to have and your existing décor. Here are some examples of the many different styles available:

Wooden design

One of the most popular designs, the look of wooden floors give a traditional and timeless appearance and add warmth and depth to any room. Wooden designs come in a range of colours, from light and dark brown shades to contemporary grey and even lighter options.

Tile designs

Laminate with a ceramic tile appearance offers the look of a tiled floor without the cold and hard feel of real tile. Tile designs can range from neutral and bold block shades to more pattered effects.

Stone and slate designs

Slate-style laminate resembles the rugged, earthy tones of natural slate stone and gives a rustic appearance of real stone without the expense or maintenance.

Marble designs

Marble-style laminate captures the luxurious, high-end look of marble stone with its intricate veining. Choose from a classic striking white design or modern grey or black effects.

When choosing your colour, it’s important to remember the place where your flooring is going to be laid and how much footfall it will have. A darker colour will be more forgiving in high traffic areas and give a more dramatic aesthetic, whereas a lighter shade will make your space feel lighter and airier and give the appearance of a larger surface area.




Another benefit of laminate flooring is that it is very easy to install. Many of our ranges feature a handy click-lock system, making installation quick and easy. Before laying your laminate, you should ideally leave it in the room is it going to laid in for 48 hours to allow it to acclimatise to the difference in temperature.




Laminate floors are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Here are some tips to keep them looking new:

• Sweep or vacuum your floor a couple of times a week to avoid dirt and dust build up. This will also prevent your floor becoming damaged from debris

• Mop your floor with a damp map once a week. Be careful not to soak the floor as over exposure to water can cause damage • Make sure you tend to spills as soon as they occur to minimise the risk of staining

• Invest in floor protectors to put on the feet of your furniture to protect your flooring from scratches and dents that could potentially be made from heavy objects.

You can find more helpful tips and advice on looking after your laminate in our Laminate Care Guide.

As one of the most budget-friendly types of flooring, laminate is a very popular choice in many homes. Boasting an excellent selection of flooring at amazing value, our laminate ranges offer something to suit all budgets.

Choose from our impressive range of laminate flooring for some fabulous, high quality options guaranteed to update your living space and give your rooms a new lease of life.


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Only £ 39 .99 sqm

  • 25 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 25 years
  • Backing: Laminate
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Only £ 24 .99 sqm

  • 20 years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 20 years
  • Backing: Laminate
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Laminate Flooring FAQ's

Laminate flooring is a synthetic floor covering which has been designed to look like a traditional wood flooring or sometimes stone flooring. This style of flooring has been a very popular choice for DIY enthusiasts or tradesmen. Key benefits are that it’s a cheaper alternative to real wood, there’s always a wide range of ‘real wood’ and patterned or textured effects available to choose from. If you have a bit of know-how, most DIY home renovators can install laminate flooring.
Yes, we have an option of two laminate floor underlay options available for you to purchase upon placing your order, for more information on which underlay to choose click here
Since laminate is made from pressed wood, it is more durable and resists scratches, moisture and wear and tear. Laminate flooring is also easier to clean.
The answer is yes! Laminate flooring is water resistant from top to bottom. This means that if you get any spills on your floor, waterproof or water-resistant floor systems do not allow liquids to seep through the interlocks, stopping potential mould or mildew growth beneath your flooring.
All of our laminate flooring ranges are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, spare rooms - Most rooms in your house would be fine to fit laminate to.
Laminate flooring can be laid on various floor surfaces. That's the beauty of it! Once you have determined that your concrete floor surface is not damp and free of debris, it should be absolutely fine to fit your laminate flooring. The concrete floor must also be free of debris or cracks, otherwise the tiles will eventually sag into the gap.
Laminate flooring is most definitely suitable for pets! As we know very well, pets can sometimes wreak havoc on your flooring. Scuffs, scratches and stains can easily occur. This is why we suggest Laminate or Vinyl flooring over carpet for high-traffic areas. As long as your pets nails are kept short enough, it's usually not an issue and laminate can be quite cheap and easy to replace if needs be.
Laminate flooring is ideal for underfloor heating usage and can be laid over most heating systems including "wet" or "dry" underfloor heating types. This product does work very well as the heat can easily permeate the thin layer of laminate wood. However, it is recommended that laminates or vinyls should not be heated to above 26°C. Also the underfloor heating should be restricted for use.
According to NALFA it certainly is eco-friendly. Laminate flooring is also an environmentally friendly consideration when a homeowner's interest is a living area with fewer allergens. Laminate flooring is free of solvents, preservatives, and other chemicals that can agitate allergies and asthma.
Click-system is just as the name suggests, it clicks together for ease of installation. For this to be possible, each of the laminate planks are milled with tongues and grooves, which click easily into place. This allows the laminate to 'float' over the sub floor without the need for glue or nails.

Laminate Flooring Reviews