Comfy Lux Underlay

Only £ 12 .79 sqm

Key Features

Why not add a bit of extra life to your new carpet with our Comfy Lux Underlay today? Comfy Lux is a luxury underlay (as the name suggests) - This fantastic underlay boasts a 2.0 Tog rating with thermal and sound insulation, it's great for rooms such as the bedroom, lounge or dining room.

11mm thick, with a density of 80 kg/m³ means that you're sure to have improved noise reduction, warmth and under-foot comfort. Look no further, this is truly the perfect choice of underlay for you!

Find out the benefits of upgrading your underlay.

  • Thickness - 11mm
  • Density - 80 kg/m³
  • Tog Rating - 2.0
  • Suitable for all rooms and recommended for areas of heavy domestic use


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