Caring for your furniture

Leather sofa care guide

As leather ‘behaves’ differently to fabric, it requires a different type of treatment to help it stay looking its best. We would recommend dusting your sofa regularly, and gently removing any spills with a clean, damp cloth. Also, we advise that you only use our range of dedicated leather cleaning products, as any harm that may come to your leather sofa through the use of a non-recommended cleaning product may affect your statutory rights and guarantee.

Bear in mind that denim and other non-colourfast fabrics may transfer dye onto your leather furniture, so make sure that you wash any new denim clothes before enjoying your sofa.

Leather stretch

It is natural for leather to stretch, crease and wrinkle in the first few weeks of use. This is one of the unique characteristics of a natural product, and a sign that your leather is genuine.

Natural marks and blemishes

Leather furniture naturally has blemishes, including variations in the grain, healed scars, insect bites and wrinkles. Such natural markings are a sign of the animal’s life and are one of leather’s great characteristics, which make every leather sofa unique.


Aniline leather

Aniline is leather in its most natural state, and has been made to have a ‘lived in’ look within a short time of it being used. Aniline leather carries natural markings due to the way it is tanned and dyed, and receives very little coating or surface finish. It is natural to find shading variations between the individual panels of your sofa, and the colour may also differ slightly from the original colour chosen. This is a typical characteristic of aniline leather and is very much part of its appeal.

Corrected and pigmented leather

This is a dyed leather, with a pigment applied to the surface to protect it. Corrected and pigmented leather makes the natural characteristics of leather harder to see, but also makes it easier to care for in the event of dirt and spillages.

Nubuck and suede leather

Nubuck and suede leather sofas have a velvet-like ‘nap’ from being buffed on the outside. They have no surface coating, and so are easily stained and flatted on their surface, requiring a slightly greater amount of care. As with other natural leathers, the buffing helps to give nubuck or suede its characteristic, lived-in looks and lovely soft feel.

Antiqued leather

Antiqued leather has a two-tone effect, with the base colour being lighter than the top colour. It is designed so the top colour gradually wears off, revealing more of the lighter colour. This will happen more on the most-used areas of your sofa, such as the parts usually sat on, and the cushions and armrests.