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Living room care guide

Caring for your living room furniture

Once you’ve found the perfect furniture to add the finishing touch to your living room, it’s important to give it the care and attention it needs to keep it looking great. To help you with this, we’ve put together our living room furniture care guide, with practical advice to help you look after your new purchase.

Preventative measures such as using coasters for mugs and vases, along with regular dusting, are essential to keeping your furniture looking its best. These simple tricks can avoid stains occurring, and by spending a few minutes cleaning just a couple of times a week, you’ll see longer lasting results.

If you’re considering using cleaning substances, polishes or waxes on your furniture, please consult the manufacturer's guidelines beforehand, as these can damage your furniture and will not be covered in your guarantee.

Cleaning your furniture

Along with reading the manufacturers guidelines, you need to take the material off your living room furniture into account. Glass, gloss, marble and wood all have very different characteristics, and as a result have different cleaning requirements:

  • Glass

    Wipe down your glass surface using a cloth and hot, soapy water to remove any spills. Once your table is clean, use a lint-free cloth to dry it and to remove any watermarks for the best possible finish.

  • Marble

    Regular dusting (2-3 times a week) using a dry, soft cloth will help to remove any dust and dirt from your marble living room furniture. For a deeper clean, we recommend using hot soapy water and a damp cloth to remove any spillages, then dry with a lint-free cloth. Avoid using dusting sprays or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the high lacquer finish.

  • High gloss

    The easy-clean nature of high gloss living room furniture makes it ideal for modern living. Spillages are easy to wipe away with a damp cloth and dried with a lint-free cloth to avoid watermarks. Do take note to avoid putting too much pressure on the table, as gloss surfaces can scratch easily when overworked.

  • Wood

    Our oak wood coffee table, bookcases and sideboards come complete with a protective finish to avoid staining, however regular dusting and cleaning with a damp cloth is key to ensuring you table remains looking its best.

Protect your furniture

We recommend placing your new living room furniture away from direct sunlight, radiators or other sources of heat where possible, as these factors can speed up the wearing process. This is particularly important with oak wood furniture, which can become dried out if over-exposed to heat or sunlight. If you’re looking to place your furniture near a window, try to keep your curtains or blinds closed or dipped where possible when the sun is at its strongest.

Important note! The benefits of additional storage can never be underestimated, and we’ve all got the tendency to stuff as much as possible into our drawers, bookcases and coffee table drawers. But be careful not to overload your furniture as excess weight can lead to drawers sinking and becoming difficult to open.

Furniture guard

Sometimes accidents can happen that are out of your control, and that’s why we offer a five year Furniture Guard protection on top of our standard 12 month guarantee.

From just 31p per week you can protect your brand new furniture and guarantee peace of mind that unexpected repair or restoration costs are already taken care of. Find out more about our Castelan Furniture Guard.