Carpet Care Kits

Carpets, especially in busy parts of the home like hallways, are heavily used. Whether it be the likes of shoes bringing in outdoor dirt, clumsy dinner guest dropping food or even pets thinking they're outside, your carpets go through a lot.

That’s why, here at ScS, we've developed the ultimate care packs which will help you maintain and keep your carpet looking newer and cleaner.

Our carpet care provides emergency cleaning and removal of stains from carpet around your home.

Our full kit includes:

  • 1x Carpet stain away for removing fresh stains
  • 1x Carpet stain remover for greasy stains
  • 1x Ox cleaner for stains such as food, drink, urine and other stubborn stains

A lot of customers believe they can use their own cleaning products however we suggest not to as not only may these make the carpets worse, this may also void your product warranty.

So, when placing your order, make sure you include our carpet care packs for that extra piece of mind!

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