The Benefits of a Wool Carpet in your Home

When it comes to choosing new flooring, there are a lot of options available, especially at ScS. Today, we want to talk about our Wool Flooring, which is perfect for every home thanks to its versatility! Read on to find out how easy it is to clean a wool carpet, and how it can actually help the moisture in your home. Our videos will help demonstrate each section and let you know the advantages of a wool carpet!

Wool has a great ability to bounce back.

No matter how much rough love you give your wool carpet, it’s always going to bounce back to its original state.

This means it’s great for a high traffic household due to the carpet never wearing down, or if you decide to move a piece of furniture that has been on your carpet, it will look like nothing was ever there in the first place!

Is Wool good for your home?

It's crazy to think that a carpet can actually help the environment in your home! Our wool carpets help regulate moisture in the air, to help keep your room (or home) comfortable and not too humid.

It also absorbs organic compounds and permanently binds them to the fibres, to make sure they aren’t in the air!

How easy is it to clean a Wool carpet?

It’s natural to think ahead - ‘How do I clean a wool carpet?’ The general consensus is that it’s an unforgiving material, but that is very wrong! It is actually one of the easiest materials to clean if there have been any spillages. This is due to wool having an outer membrane that repels liquid, and a membrane that locks out liquid. This allows any instant spills to be wiped away in seconds, and no staining from red wine on the carpets! To us, it’s a no brainer.

Can Wool catch fire?

Wool carpets are a great safety feature in the unfortunate incident of a fire starting. Wool is naturally resistant to fire due to the composition of the fibres. They require more oxygen to sustain the flame than is present, so if you were to drop a lit match onto a wool floor, it will smoulder and eventually extinguish itself. 

Is Wool durable?

Your wool flooring is going to last a long time due to how durable it is. Kids running around the house in trainers? No worries, this flooring is going to be able to take it! Mixed with all the points above, if you keep caring for your carpet, it will look brand new years down the line!

£ 22.99
Was £ 23 .99 sqm
Was £ 23 .99 sqm

Now £ 22 .99 sqm

Softest Touch Range
  • Soft & luxurious
  • Warm underfoot
  • Ultimate luxury
  • 10 Years stain guarantee
  • Guarantee Wear: 10 Years
  • Available widths: 4m and 5m
More Colours

More colours available

£ 32.99
Was £ 33 .49 sqm
Was £ 33 .49 sqm

Now £ 32 .99 sqm

Long Lasting Luxury Range
A durable carpet which is ideal for all areas of your home. Great for homes with children & pets.
  • Backing: Hessian
  • Available widths: 4m and 5m
More Colours

More colours available

We hope this has helped you see the benefits of having a wool carpet in your home. We have a vast range of wool carpets available at ScS, so why not take a look and see if we have the right one for you?

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