The best deep sofas & comfy sofas for 2022

When you’ve had a long, hard day, there are two things that instantly make you feel better without fail – taking the weight off your feet and sinking into your sofa and having a hot soak in the bath.

And when it comes to the first option, we know that the comfier the couch, the better the experience. With that in mind, here’s our insight on the most comfortable sofas of 2022.

What type of sofas are the most comfortable?

Sofa comfort does very much come down to personal choice because what’s comfortable to one person can be completely different to another. However, despite the differing opinions and personal preference, there are certain factors that can influence the overall comfort factor.

Comfortable sofas are snug to sit in. They’re also somewhere you can put your feet up, sit back and relax in and generally feel, well, at home in.

Extra deep sofas, with plump cushions and sturdy yet squishy wide arms and high backrests are what you’re looking for here. Plus, there should be plenty of room for you to easily sit or lie down, curl up or stretch out, and feel uber comfortable doing it. (Note: Deep sofas are ideal for taller people because they can easily accommodate longer legs).

How can I make my sofa more comfortable?

A deep couch on its own is pretty comfortable in its own right, but if you really want to ramp up the comfort factor, it can easily be achieved by: 

  • Draping a throw or two over it – the softer the better! (E.g. velour, fleece, teddy bear, chenille or chunky wool throws)
  • Investing in some large, padded cushions – that mould around you as you sit down.
  • Keeping it clutter-free – make sure there are no remotes, magazines, books or other artefacts wedged down any of the gaps 
  • Treating yourself to a footstool – nothing beats being able to put your feet up when you’re sat on the sofa. The good news is, there are lots of footstool options out there (including storage footstools, as well as footstools that match your sofa)

What is a deep seated sofa?

Just to clarify, a deep seated sofa is different to a standard sized sofa. The main difference between the two is that a deep couch is the depth measured from the front of the cushion to the back. 

Generally speaking, if the measurement is 100cm or over (give or take one or two centimetres here and there), then you’ve got yourself a deep sofa, which you can fully sit back in and sink into as little or as much as you like!

When it comes to measurements, all of our sofas are listed with a full list of dimensions, so you can be 100% sure the sofa you choose perfectly fits your room. (For more on getting the size of your sofa spot on read, ‘How to choose the right size sofa.’)

8 deep sofas & comfy sofas 

Now that we’ve talked you through the fundamentals of deep and comfy sofas, let’s take a look at some of the options:

Customer reviews:

KandAS - 5/5 stars

"Love this sofa. Good height from floor. Very comfortable. Firm cushions. Well made. Looks great"

Lizz - 5/5 stars

"Loveley settee, spacious and comfy, family love it."

Key features:

  • Sofa depth: 102cm/40.2in
  • Seat depth: 63cm/24.8in
  • Choose between standard or scatter back
  • Corner sofas available
  • Reversible seat and back cushions
  • 20-year frame guarantee

Customer review:

Sharon B - 5/5 stars

"Very comfy. Delivery was very efficient and professional. Our third sofa set from SCS and very happy as ever with the quality."

Key features: 

  • Sofa depth: 101cm/39.8in
  • Seat depth: 56cm/22in
  • A combination of 100% genuine leather on seats, armrests and back cushions, complete with leather-look fabric on the sides and backs
  • Static, manual or power recliner sofas and chairs available
  • Recliners come in sections for easy delivery
  • Foam seat interiors, as standard
  • Three sofa sizes and two styles of chairs and coordinating footstools, are available in the Rafa range.

Customer review: 

Carrie - 5/5 stars 

"Really comfortable sofa we had foam highly recommended"

Key features: 

  • Sofa depth: 254cm/100in
  • Seat depth: 55cm/21.7in
  • Choose between standard or scatter back
  • Option of oak or mahogany effect feet
  • 20-year frame guarantee

Customer review:

Chlo - 5/5 stars

"I have just received my sofa and the colour and size are absolutely perfect. I paid for the foam cushions and they are super comfy. I hadn’t seen the sofa in the cream and gold and I was a little worried but I am so glad I chose this."

Key features: 

  • Sofa depth: 268cm/105.5in
  • Seat depth: 60cm/23.6in
  • Optional stud detailing
  • Crushed velvet accents
  • 3 different feet options available
  • 20-year frame guarantee

Customer reviews:

Danitaz - 5/5 stars

"Very good item very comfortable easy cleaned looks great"

ChloseS - 5/5 stars

"Super comfy, easily cleaned, keeps shape throughout use"

Key features:

  • Sofa depth: 97cm/38.2in
  • Seat depth: 57cm/22.4in
  • Decorative contrasting stitch detail
  • Solid colour or two-tone colour ways
  • Also available in a corner sofas
  • Light wood or dark wood feet options
  • 20-year frame guarantee

Customer reviews:

gayl - 5/5 starts

"Was looking for a navy sofa that was comfortable and high backed for neck support. We had previously bought the cloud cuddle chairs which were amazing so we have purchased the 3 & 2 seater sofas. We love them!"

Key features:

  • Luxury soft chenille fabric
  • Foam seat interiors, as standard
  • Available in 11 different colours to suit your home
  • Also available in recliner format

Customer review:

Steven Elland - 5/5 stars

"Very comfortable and well made, a little pricey but worth it"

Key features:

  • Static, manual and recliner sofas and chairs available
  • Luxurious foam seat interiors as standard
  • Curved recliner comes in three sections for ease of delivery

Customer reviews:

Coco - 5/5 stars

"Excellent sofa so comfortable and when you recline it's like being in bed plenty of room for 4 adults to sit comfortably"

Margaretg - 5/5 stars

"Lovely sofa so comfortable Best Buy I have ever made .would recommend"

Key features:

  • Leggett & Platt mechanisms used
  • Power recliner
  • Soft luxurious chenille fabrics
  • Foam filled as standard
  • Beautiful curve design

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Published: 23rd March 2022