A quick guide to corner sofa in middle of room layouts

Is it the ‘done thing’ to put a corner sofa smack-bang in the middle of your living room? 

Absolutely! Feel free to ignore the ‘corner’ reference because it is perfectly possible to do such a thing, and with superb results too.

Being the sofa experts that we are, we’ve seen numerous examples of corner sofas being positioned perfectly in the centre of spaces, and looking like they were simply made to be there.

If you’d like to learn how to nail this look, take a look at the corner sofa in middle of room guidance we’ve compiled for you below:

Corner sofa in middle of room – dos

1. Be selective about your furniture pieces

What we mean by this is, don’t cram your room with all sorts of different furniture (no matter how much you love it). You’ll only wind up with them all competing for attention, which isn’t the look most people want to go for, especially when they want to show off their corner sofa.

2. Design outwards from your sofa

You want your corner sofa to be the star of the show, right? We thought so. In that case, position it first and then work outwards from it. (Top tip: your accent furniture (e.g. coffee or side tables), need to be the same level as the top of your sofa cushions). Get this right, and they’ll effortlessly blend in.

3. Divide your room into zones

One of the greatest things about putting your sofa in the centre of a room is that you instantly create a different zone. And if you work outwards from your sofa, as we’ve suggested in the tip above, your sofa area will be a clearly defined zone. Feel free to create other zones, such as dining, working, pet or reading space, if you have the room to do so.

Corner sofa in middle of room – don’ts

1. Go overboard with the size

Big isn’t always better. Not when you are planning on having a corner sofa in the middle of your living room. Having something that’s too large will overwhelm the space, making it about your sofa and nothing but your sofa.

2. Forget to link your sofa to prime features

It’s really important you ‘link’ your sofa to one or maybe two (depending on how much space you have) prime features in your room. This can easily be achieved by sitting it so that it faces the direction of your TV or is nearer your fireplace.

Not doing this can lead to your sofa looking stranded and disconnected from the rest of your room. It’s not very functional either. 

3. Get your rug positioning wrong

One of the easiest and most effective ways of making more of your sofa area is clearly defining it with a rug. However, there is knack to getting it right. Don’t make the mistake of only putting some of your furniture on your rug. All of your furniture legs should sit within the rug area.

Corner sofa in middle of small room – dos and don’ts

Having less space to play with can be restricting, but with a little extra time, effort and energy, there’s no reason why you can’t pull off the corner-sofa-in-the-middle-of-the-room-look.

Do – Measure your space

And measure it again. Then, and only then, should you start shopping for a corner sofa and, if you have the space, other furniture items. It’s an obvious tip, we know, but you’d be surprised at how many people judge things by eye.

Don’t – Get swayed by your heart 

It’s easy to do. Fall in love with the cosiest, most stunning sofa and immediately visualise it in your home. Think with your head, and with your measurements, to avoid making any wrong decisions!

Do – Think small 

Corner sofas do come in smaller dimensions, you know. Once you’ve plotted out your space, and 100% know you have enough room for a centre sofa that you can easily walk around, start shopping for those smaller corner sofa finds – here’s two to help get you started.

Don’t – Be restricted 

Yes, having a smaller living room does mean you have to make more considered decisions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box. Use footstools as tables, make use of storage furniture and position side tables at different angles. The main thing is, the space and everything in it, works for you.

Corner sofa positioning is a bit of an art, but it’s an art that’s easy to master once you know how. We hope you find the guidance above useful and that it helps you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when putting a sofa in the centre of their room. Hopefully it should also provide you with plenty of inspiration too! 

Is your living room on the smaller side? Read this article, ‘6 sofa ideas for small living rooms.’


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Published: 8th March 2022