Floral sofa styles for 2022

Floral sofa styles are back in fashion and look like they’re set to stay. Whilst some may refer to it as “grandma chic”, we’re totally on board with the bloom revival.

To help discover how best to style this print, we’ve enlisted the help of our interior stylist Vicki, who’s got plenty of styling tips up her sleeve. Stay tuned as we also delve into the origins of the floral trend and how to put a modern twist on this ‘70s style.

What is the floral trend?

The floral trend encapsulates everything from bold and bright jewel tones to beautiful nature-inspired patterns. Effortlessly adding colour and life into your home, the floral trend is easily distinguishable through its use of flowers and greenery. 

This isn’t limited to patterned upholstery or furniture either, a potted plant or a bunch of flowers also give a nod to the trend. Essentially adding an element of nature or the outdoors will do the job. It’s also the perfect excuse to be playful and adventurous with your interior styling.  

Where did the floral trend come from? 

The floral trend was huge back in the ‘70s however its revival came around a lot more recently. Vicki explains more about it below:

It all began with the Botanical Trend that has gained pace and evolved since the lockdowns of 2020. When everybody was told to stay indoors, nature and greenery were craved, we looked for ways to reconnect. The trend has developed and now we are seeing lots of floral fabrics coming through, tropical wallpapers and colourful velvets.

So it’s clear to see that the lust for floral prints came from the urge to be outside by bringing the outdoors in the best way we could.

As nature and fresh air all have strong links with well-being, it’s easy to see why we wanted to welcome these elements into our homes. 

What colours go well with floral print?

Once again, Vicki has got some great complimenting colour suggestions to pair with floral prints.

Shades of green are massive for 2022 and the ideal base for both the Floral and Botanical trend. Go for dark, moody walls… Mix in gold accents, add tropical cushions and don’t forget an array of plants in different sizes. 

Blue is another popular colour that blends well with these trends. Our Ferndale range features an amazing tropical leaf that is just enough if you don’t want to overdo it on the prints! Style with a jute rug and a signature lamp for an effortless, calming space.”

How to incorporate the floral trend into your home 

A lot of homeowners get inspiration for their interiors by flicking through home magazines, as well as taking note of what their friends and family do in their homes.

Incorporating the floral trend into your room needn’t be difficult, in fact, looking to inject some of that into your home can be easily done. The floral trend oozes personality and instantly adds impact. 

You can integrate floral patterns in numerous ways – through the larger furniture items such as your sofas to the finer details, such as cushions, rugs or curtains.

What makes the floral trend so popular is its versatility and because flowers come in all shapes and sizes you can really take your pick on the vibrancy and colours you go for. 

Here's a mood board to give you some inspiration featuring the lovely Ferndale corner sofa.

Our favourite floral sofas

You’ll be happy to hear we’ve got an array of both floral sofas and sofas that have accents of floral and botanical prints. Discover our favourites below.

Floral print sofas

1. Bloom

If you’re more into flower power, then our Bloom range will be the perfect match for you.

Choose between our 3 seater and 2 seater both available in standard or scatter back, our love chair for those nights you want to cuddle up and our standard chair for those evenings you’d like a little me-time.

Did we mention there's a beautiful round floral footstool too?! 


£ 699.0

Only £ 699

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£ 749.99

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2. Ferndale

If you fancy going leafy, our Ferndale range has got you covered.

Pick between our wonderful corner sofa in a jewel-toned navy blue with botanical accent cushions, our 3 seater or 2 seater sofas and a range of chairs – including a love chair, and accent chairs (plain or patterned!)

Also if you’re looking to add another tropical addition, our Ferndale patterned footstool will be a winner.



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Colours available

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Floral accent sofas and chairs

We also offer a variety of sofas and chairs that have floral accent scatter cushions, perfect if you’d like to incorporate a subtle element of the trend into your living room. Take a look below for some floral loving. 

3. Monty

A gorgeous monochromatic range, the Monty range offers a variety of sofas including, 2 seater, 3 seater or a corner sofa plus a variety of comfortable chairs and storage footstools.

Each comes complete with complimenting cushions, including a combination of beautiful rose sketched scatter back cushions that gives a subtle nod to the floral trend with a mix of grey designs.


4. Westwood

Combining mustard yellow and a gorgeous grey, our Inspire Westwood sofa range offers a versatile approach to the trend with a woodland themed cushion design.

Choose between our snuggler chair for that cosy corner, our 3 seater or 2 seaters, a practical option with a 2-in-1 sofa bed options, or go all out with the floral pattern with the beautiful accent swivel chair.



More Colours

More colours available

Colours available

From £ 22.06 a month over 4 years 0% APR

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£ 719.0

Only £ 719

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If you’re feeling the love of the floral style then we hope you’ve been inspired by our selection of sofas and chairs. Adding this trend into your home can be as daring or as subtle as you wish, that’s the beauty of it.

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Published: 9th February 2022