How To Choose The Right Size Sofa

The perfect sofa is out there for you, and hopefully with our guide we can help you decide on ‘the one’ (or maybe more!) We’ve put together three questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing a new sofa. 

One of the biggest choices you’ll face in your home is choosing a sofa. It’s something you’ll be spending a lot of time on, and it’s the main feature of your living room. It’s more than just choosing a colour. You’ve got to factor in shapes, sizes, placement, the traffic flow of people in your home and even more! 

How will it be used and who will use it?

The big question is what are you going to use your sofa for? Is this going to be somewhere that you spend a lot of time? Check out a corner sofa to relax on, such as the Ariel. Will it only be used on special occasions? A special occasion calls for a Chesterfield style sofa, such as the Tetrad Savanna! A movie night? Try a La-Z Boy! Do you favour comfort over style? Go with a soft fabric sofa such as the Whisper. Do you have children and pets? Look into a long lasting Endurance sofa, or an easy to clean fabric.

Once you figure out your needs and wants for your future sofa, you can work from there.

The Spark works perfectly here, as it does not cut off the mirror and allows the lamp to stand tall, helping maximise the brightness of the room.

It’s also really important to factor in how many people are going to be using the sofa on a regular basis – there isn’t much point in buying a two seater sofa if there are four people in your home – Cue the never ending arguments about who gets a spot on the sofa! What you need here is the Coco, available in both Midi and Maxi size!

A corner sofa is a great sofa, no matter how many people are in your home. Due to their size, you need to make sure you have a room that can accommodate a corner sofa. To maximise your space, you want to try tucking the sofa into the corner of a room. If you have a window that you can place the sofa near, do that as it will give the illusion that the room is bigger.

If you have an open plan kitchen/living room, you could use the corner sofa to act as a divider between the two rooms.

The Ariel corner sofa really complements the colours used in the room. With the sofa being slotted in the back corner, it allows the room to open up and allow other pieces to shine, such as the prints and the light fixture.

Where will it go?

Before you purchase your sofa, you need to settle on just where it is you want to put it and decide what shape will fit best. Perhaps you’re looking to use your sofa as a room divider or maybe you want it to sit under a window. 

The Andreas works really well here as the room is not cluttered - if the room had a coffee table or side tables, it would not look as clean.

For this you would need to check the height to ensure you’re not blocking the view. Is there any other furniture in the room your sofa needs to work with? For those who enjoy rearranging their furniture, make sure to choose a versatile sofa that moves easily. Some sofas actually have the option of Glides, which help the sofa move easily and effortlessly. These are available at the basket stage of checkout.

Will it fit?

The perfect sofa has been found! You’re only a few minutes away from being able to relax on your new cosy sofa! It’s important to consider the size of not only your living area but the size of your doorways.

Measure, and measure once again, not just the front door but anywhere that the sofa is going to have to fit through. Does it need to get up a flight of stairs or down a tight hallway? Always check to see if legs can be removed as this could give you the extra room you need to squeeze the sofa in.

There you have it! Three tips to help you decide what size sofa to buy. Now comes the fun part – shopping for your dream sofa!

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