How to style a leather sofa

Looking for some inspiration on how to style your home? Look no further than the ScS style guide! Today, we’re looking at how to style a leather sofa! Leather comes in all colours and sizes and is one of the most versatile sofa styles you can buy.

Want to create a talking point in your room? Bright red leather sofa! Looking for something to sink into whilst watching your favourite tv show? A leather recliner! Comfort and style are key with a leather sofa, and we’re here to help you style your leather sofa.

Dark Browns.

A dark brown leather sofa is often seen as the traditional sofa. Seen in movies throughout the years, dark brown leather sofas really complement a dark room. Try using darker shades of paint on the walls, such as a dark blue if you have dark flooring.

Try accessorising with light oak wooden features like coffee tables or side tables to introduce some contrasting colours to the room. 

Having a standing lamp in the room will give the room some great lighting and really capture how beautiful the room is. Our Tetrad Savanna is a great addition if you are looking for an affordable leather sofa.

Light Browns.

You can mix a light brown with light colours, such as a light grey. With this combination, you can go for a minimalistic Scandi look, adding some dark elements such as black photo frames, alongside black a table and chair. Our Oakley shows off this look. Adding plants to this sort of room will bring an extra bit of colour that will be welcomed. Try adding in a light wood flooring too, paired with a rug similar to your wall colour. 

Light and Dark Greys.

Light and dark grey sofas are perfect additions to an already decorated living room, with how well they go with every style. Our top tip for these sofas would be to mix light walls with a dark flooring to create a contrast and bring in an extra bit of brightness with rugs.

As demonstrated by our Pluto, we’ve paired the sofa exactly how we’ve mentioned above - giving the room a really welcoming feel. We have a feeling you’ll be spending a lot of time in the living room, especially with the Pluto.


A white leather sofa is often a bespoke piece in someone’s living room. While they may not be suitable for every home, one thing is for sure – they look amazing! White furniture is on trend at the moment and really helps the room give off a bright and sleek vibe. 

When pairing a white leather sofa, try going for a darker floor. You can go for a grey, wooden style floor, but a darker one will give off better-contrasting colours. Go with white accessories, such as cabinets and TV stands to fully show off the brightness of the room.

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Here’s some of our favourite ways that you’ve been styling leather sofas on our Instagram:


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