Living room sofa sets for rooms of all sizes

When it comes to furnishing your lounge, a living room sofa set is a popular purchase for many reasons. In this guide, we’ll look at exactly what constitutes a sofa set, varying sofa sets for rooms big or small, as well as the benefits and considerations of opting for a set. 

What is a sofa set?

A sofa set describes two or more pieces of furniture from the same sofa range. There can be many combinations, such as a 2-seater and a 3-seater or a corner sofa and a footstool for example.

Typically a sofa set is all made from the same upholstery, in the same or a similar colourway, though some pieces such as an accent chair may differ slightly with a distinct pattern or design that still compliments the rest of the range. 

Sofa sets for small rooms

For small living rooms, a compact sofa set is the way to go. When your room is on the smaller side, maximising the space you have available is key. 

Typically in a small living room (approx. 3 x 4m), you can fit 4 or 5 people by making the best use of your space with varying seating arrangements. A 2 seater sofa and a couple of chairs should allow you to do so comfortably. After all, you’ll want space to seat as many people as you can, whether you live alone or as a couple, it’s always nice to have room for when guests pop over. 

With a small living room you may be limited on sofa arrangements, we suggest putting your 2 seater along the longest wall or facing the TV, with armchairs on either side facing inwards for additional seating when needed. 

Some small living room ideas include our Luna range which is ideal for cosy spaces.

Within the range, you can take your pick from our 2 seater sofa and armchair set in a range of versatile colourways, including beautiful denim blue and chocolate brown.

Each piece of the range comes complete with geometric print scatter cushions for added comfort and style. Within the collection, you can choose between two sofa sizes and corner sofa configurations, three chair styles and a complimenting footstool.

Another range we recommend is Hoxton. Loved for its compact, yet stylish design it’s the perfect sofa set for a small living room.

Available in three versatile shades, including a lovely marine blue, mallard blue and asphalt grey and in two seat options: a 3 seater or 2 seater.

As they’re small 2 and 3 seaters they can easily fit into a modest area whilst still leaving enough floor space to move freely. 

Clever room ideas like these prevent a small space from feeling cramped and instead make the best use of the space functionally, all it takes is some thoughtful furniture placement.

Sofa sets for medium rooms

With medium living rooms, you have the luxury of a little more space and room for a sofa set of 2 or even 3 pieces. Typically in a medium living room (approx. 3.7 x 5.5m), you can seat 6-10 people so it’s the perfect area for entertaining. 

If you’re on the hunt for something a little more sophisticated, our timeless Savanna Tetrad Chesterfield Sofa range is the one for you.

With stud button detailing, intricate stitching and grand scroll arms, this classic style will be loved for many years to come.

Available in a midi sofa, a petit leather sofa, a standard leather chair and a beautiful coordinating patterned footstool to name a few – you can be sure they’ll all compliment each other effortlessly.

Mixing up the textures with fabric and leather sofa options really adds interest and character to a room, so whilst they’re still part of the sofa set they have their unique differences. 

Speaking of beautiful textures, our gorgeous Bloom range made from recycled velvet fabric lends itself nicely to a medium-sized space.

Easily accommodate your friends and family on the 2 seater, available in both standard or scatter back, or pair our 3 seater with the cosy love chair for a combination of seating arrangements.  

What’s more, if you fancy injecting some personality into your room, opt for the patterned footstool for added colour and WOW factor. 

Featuring classic high back designs, you’ll always be comfortable and supported with the Sienna collection.

In addition, it comes complete with luxurious foam seat interiors as standard so no matter if you go for the 2 seater or 3 seater you won’t have to compromise on sumptuous softness.

Sofa sets for large rooms

If you’re blessed with a large living room (approx. 4.6 x 6m) or open plan living, there are plenty of sofa sets to suit spacious rooms. 

The beauty of larger living spaces is that you can cherry-pick pieces that work for you, you can also play around with the room layout too. 

Corner sofas are a comfortable and stylish solution that offers plenty of room to stretch out and relax. 

Our Sisi Italia Palermo range offers an incredibly comfortable experience with its large leather corner sofa. 

Take advantage of the extra room on those cosy nights in, or offer ample seating for all of your guests when it’s your turn to host.

Corner sofas have been staples in living rooms for quite some time, due to their practical and catering nature. In large areas, they also act as a room divider if you’d like to create separation within the space, particularly in open plan living. 

If you prefer the look of a standard sofa, look no further than our Sisi Italia Lloyd range that has an abundance of sofa and chair options. 

The beauty of having a large living room is you can experiment with different pieces of furniture and find what works for you.

From a snuggler chair sat within the window offering the perfect reading spot to the standard chair you can claim as your own, both will work around a 2 seater or 3 seater – whichever you choose. 

Our Piper range is known and loved for its accent scatter cushions, including a mix of embroidered flower heads and monochromatic stripes – both add interest to a plain dark grey sofa. 

Two contemporary sized sofas available and corner group configurations, all in a lovely chenille effect fabric that can be coordinated with the half moon footstool for extra legroom.

Top tip: Arrange your living room furniture around a centrepiece coffee table so it’s easy to reach no matter where you’re sat.  

Soft English roll arms and a plush finish are just some of the features of the Whisper range

Add a classic addition to your living room with this versatile and timeless sofa set. 

With neatly proportioned designs and patterned scatter cushions, this sofa range will be sure to compliment a huge variety of interior schemes.  

Another recommendation for larger living spaces is the Chicago sofa collection

All pieces of the range come in a perennial favourite – jumbo cord as well as a silky velvet.

Choose from a palette of versatile staple shades, including chocolate brown, silver grey, coffee and black. Add some fun into your living with the Chicago Swivel Chair, that’ll allow you to easily change position – ideal in larger spaces when you may want to be facing towards your guests or better place yourself in front of the tele.  

Why choose a sofa set?

Choosing a sofa set adds charm and completeness to a living room. Whilst their primary purpose is to provide somewhere to sit and relax, it also offers a visually appealing space. 

Benefits of a sofa set

There are many benefits of buying a living room sofa set: 

  • Add design cohesion to your living room and create visual balance
  • Take away the guesswork, and save yourself the time and hassle of trying to find pieces that match 
  • Often more cost-effective to buy furniture together
  • Incredibly convenient

Things to consider with a sofa set

Whilst there are plenty of advantages to buying a sofa set, there are also things to consider:

  • Ensure you measure up correctly, you’ll want to maximise your space, especially in small living rooms
  • Sofa sets are investments so consider opting for a timeless style or colourway that you’ll love for a long time 
  • Your choice of upholstery will have a big impact on your room 

Hopefully by now, you’ll know how best to arrange your size living room. Though you may still be wondering whether to go for a standard or scatter back sofa, or perhaps a love chair over a 2 seater…

Discover our Ultimate Sofa Guide as we dive into all the benefits and considerations of each to help you find your match. 

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Published: 12th April 20211