Will your sofa fit your space?

We’re all guilty of it. Finding the sofa of our dreams and immediately imagining ourselves all snuggled up in front of the TV without a minute’s thought about if it works from a practical perspective or not.

We know, why think about the dull stuff when you’ve got things, such as the fabric, pattern, style and colour to consider, which are far more exciting. But here’s the thing, if you want to be able to enjoy that dream sofa, you’ve got to factor in the more practical considerations. 

So, you know that sofa you’ve bookmarked and keep going back to every few days? Is it going to fit in your living room or could things ending up getting a bit tight? Worse still, is it too big to even fit in your house? As much as you may not want to, you see our point, right?

Don’t be deceived

Sofas have a habit of looking smaller in showrooms than they actually are in your home. The main reason for this is because when you see them in-store, they’re in vast open spaces that immediately make them look more compact. And if you’re shopping online, judging how large something is in reality is a mission in itself, and one that most definitely needs a tape measure to visualise.

However, we aren’t here to put a dampener on things. If anything, we want your sofa purchasing experience to be as hassle-free as possible. One way you can guarantee this, is to make sure the sofa, chair, sofa bed, or other large bulky furniture you’ve got your eye on, looks like it was made for your home.

Do plan and measure 

Making sure your sofa nestles perfectly between your back wall and side table or your sofa bed slots into your spare room (and there’s plenty of space to flip it out into a bed – important note) is easy to achieve with a little foresight.

5 key factors for making sure your sofa fits: 

1. Can you even get it in the house? 

It’s easy to get tied up with just focusing on the sofa dimensions and how much space it’ll take up in your chosen room. But if you reverse your thinking a bit (and it’s important you do), you may realise that it’s going to be a struggle to even get your sofa in through your front door. And if it does fit through your front door, excellent! But will it fit through your internal doors, which can be narrower?...

2. Can you get it up the stairs?

While this isn’t a common issue for most sofa purchases because they tend to go downstairs, it may be something you have to think about if you’re buying a sofa bed for one of your bedrooms. And if you happen to live in a flat or apartment that you have to go up one, two, three flights of stairs to get to, then stairs could be a major factor in the size and style of sofa you ultimately go for. (Top tip: look out for modular sofas that are made up of individual pieces that slot back together like a jigsaw).

3. Are there any corners or turns?

If all the delivery people have to do when they arrive with your new sofa, is step through the front door and carry on straight into your living room, great. But if the delivery route is through rooms to get to the final destination or the layout of your home is more like a rabbit warren, there could be some tricky corners and turns that could prove problematic. Make your tape measure your best friend and carefully measure out that route before you order anything.

4. Is your sofa back straight or angled?

Straight backs take up less space, period. And while we may be talking just a few centimetres, those precious few centimetres can make all the difference between you getting your new sofa through your front door or getting it wedged. Sofa backs that come out at a slight angle, obviously take up that bit more space, which you must consider when you’re scoping out the overall dimensions.

5. Can you remove the feet?

Some sofas have removable feet, some don’t. Being able to unscrew the feet automatically gives you one to two extra inches. And those extra inches can prove invaluable when getting your sofa into your house, especially if you have corners and narrow door frames to contend with.

Getting your sofa or other large piece of furniture you want to buy into the destined space involves forward planning and careful measurement. And if you didn’t already know, we provide detailed measurements for all of our sofas and other pieces of furniture. Look out for the below diagram on all of our products that details the height (A), width (B), depth (C), seat height (D), seat depth (D) and, arm height (F).

We hope the sofa of your dreams fits just right in your home. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t if you’ve followed our advice above!

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Published: 20th December 2021