How to dress your living room & sofa for the autumn

If you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home for autumn, look no further as I share my ideas for making the most of the new season. Image credit: @hello.its.amanda_

As the nights draw in and the air gets noticeably cooler, our instinctive desire to retreat to our homes wraps around us faster than a plush blanket, as we’re faced with the prospect of cold nights, frosty mornings and drizzly days.

Though you may mourn the mild temperatures of the summer months, the so-called bleak season comes with its upsides; curling up on the sofa with a hot drink, cosy evenings in fluffy socks, thick, woolly jumpers, roaring fires and not forgetting, the all-important cosy home makeover.

With the turning of the season, comes the changing of the interiors, turning homes from summer sanctuaries to winter-ready cosy cabins. 

Ways to make your home feel cosier

There are many ways you can make your home feel cosy and even the smallest adjustments to your living space can make a huge difference.

Here are some of my top tips for making your home feel warm and welcoming:

  • Dressing your sofa with throws and blankets is a quick and easy way to make your living room look more inviting and are perfect for snuggling in on those cold nights! 
  • Adorn your sofa with some comfortable cushions. Look for soft fabrics, such as boucle, velvet and chenille, and don’t be afraid to mix fabrics as a sumptuous selection will add to your sofa’s appeal. Look for different sized and shaped cushions to add more interest to your couch.
  • Rugs are a great way of incorporating texture and colour in a room, and will create some much-needed warmth underfoot. A beautiful plush or deep pile rug will look luxurious whilst giving your toes something soft and indulgent to sink in to. Accessories also play an important role in giving your home a warm and inviting touch. Candles are fantastic for creating a romantic ambience and provide the perfect glow in comparison to harsh ceiling lights. Indulge in some scented ones and fill your home with some enticing seasonal scents.
  • Is there anything cosier than a roaring fire? Making your fireplace the focus of your living room will help to create a feeling of togetherness and act as the perfect lounging spot for those cosy nights in when you and your family are gathered around to watch your favourite film or play games.

10 items to make your room cosier

  1. Add layers with woollen blankets and knitted throws – you can never have enough 
  2. Welcome in warm and soft lighting such as strategically placed table lamps for a cosy feel 
  3. Make the most of autumnal scented candles such as pumpkin spice
  4. Use soft deep pile rugs in different areas of your home
  5. Hang an autumnal door wreath on your front or interior door 
  6. Position seasonal decorations on varying surfaces such as pine cones, pumpkins and conkers
  7. Invest in extra storage space to keep games and activities for family nights in – such as a storage footstool
  8. Go for calming colours and natural materials with your décor choices 
  9. Incorporate greenery, whether it’s a real seasonal bouquet or an artificial ivy plant – either will do the trick
  10. If you’re lucky enough to have a log burner or even a functioning fireplace, then getting this kick-started will instantly make your room feel like the ultimate sanctuary 

Tips for styling your sofa for autumn

Styling your sofa ready for the autumn certainly starts with blankets and cushions, as these interchangeable soft furnishings really alter the look and feel of your furniture.

They’re easy to switch out too, so you can swap them with the seasons!

Checked, plaid and stag patterned cushions are traditionally associated with the cooler seasons. 

If patterns aren’t for you, you could adopt a more subtle approach, with a mix of patterned and plain coloured cushions.

This will add interest to your sofa without it looking over-the-top.

Here’s what one of our celebrity designers, Laurence Llewelyn Bowen had to say on this autumnal trend:

There's no doubt that one of the strongest trends that's really beginning to come through is a complete renewed love for pattern… People always feel that pattern is going to be cluttering, it's going to make it busy. It doesn't at all. In fact, pattern used in the right way is the most perfect camouflage. Pattern can make small rooms look bigger, big rooms look smaller, it can make large pieces of furniture much less intimidating.
Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

5 autumnal colours

Invite the following colours of autumn into your home and introduce them into your living room:

  1. Rusty orange
  2. Medium olive green
  3. Burgundy or maroon 
  4. Rich browns and camel tones 
  5. Fiery and crimson reds

How to incorporate autumnal colours

Now we’ve established some of the top autumnal colours, it’s time to explore some ways of incorporating these into your home.

A simple yet effective way of doing this is with the soft furnishings that will be embellishing your home this autumn. 

Choosing cushions and throws in rich, colours will give your existing living room décor scheme a simple seasonal upgrade.

You could also swap your brightly coloured or neutral photo frames for wooden designs or bold greens and oranges to add some sporadic pops of colour around the room. 

Artwork is also an easy way to add some seasonal twists to a room and can be easily swapped over when the warmer months come around.

Think autumnal forest shades for accent colours, so reds, burnt oranges and mustard yellows.  

Swapping out those summer-coloured cushions and accessories for more autumnal designs can instantly update the feel of a living room by adding a new burst of colour and texture.

Making the shift from cooler to warmer tones will definitely give your home a fresh look and a new ambience. 

From strategically placed ambient lighting to a woolly throw to drape over your sofa arm, there are so many ways you can get ready for the cooler months ahead.   

For more seasonal styling inspiration, read my article, How to transition your home through the seasons. 

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