7 of the best nest of tables

Nest of tables (or nest tables or nesting tables) are a real furniture investment. They provide you with valuable surface space without taking up lots of room. Other than folding or extending tables, there are very few other pieces of furniture that offer this double benefit.

What are nesting tables?

Nesting tables are an ingenious furniture creation that have been around for a fair few years now.

They’re essentially a small set of side tables, usually two or three, that are slightly different sizes to one another.

This size graduation means they easily slot over each other when you don’t need them, and can be pulled out and used individually or all together when you do need them. 

Vicky, our in-house stylist says: ‘While they may be considered as being more of a traditional furniture item, nesting tables are far from old-fashioned. They’re available in so many different designs and styles these days, e.g. marble effect or glass topped, metal legs and curved wood. They aren’t just square or rectangular shapes anymore either, circular nest of tables are really popular and widely available too.’

Where did nest tables originate from? 

Nest tables were created by English cabinet maker, Thomas Sheraton, back in the 18th century. They were initially made from satinwood or mahogany and consisted of three or four stacking tables. In the early days, they were kept against a wall, and at tea-time, they were pulled out by servants into the middle of the room with a chair, so they could be used to serve tea or for needlepoint or board games, such as draughts.

Are nests of tables old fashioned?

It can be easy to perceive nest tables as being old-fashioned because they have been such a furniture staple for so long. But they’re far from old-fashioned, particularly newer designs that feature stylish shapes and materials that make them ideal for contemporary homes.

In fact, nesting tables have just the same appeal as they always have done, mainly because of their amazing space-saving qualities. 

The pros of nest tables

  • Take up minimal room
  • Are easy to lift/move around
  • Can be used in any room, not just the living room (e.g. as bedside tables, landing lamp tables or children’s play tables)
  • Provide as little or as much table space as you like (e.g. one, two or more tables)
  • Are available in a wide range of designs and materials 
  • Come in a range of prices to suit all budgets 
  • Look great on their own or decorated 

The cons of nest tables 

  • Provide smaller-scale surface space
  • Need somewhere they can be stored when they aren’t being used
  • Only come with one table that’s larger than the rest
  • Aren’t always all needed at the same time
  • Can look dated if they’re traditional and the rest of your furniture is modern

What is a nesting coffee table?

Nesting coffee tables are nesting tables that are used in exactly the same way as a coffee table.

You can position the family of tables in the middle of your living room, in between your sofas, and pull one or more of them out when you need somewhere to put drinks, snacks, your phone or anything else down.

This is the ideal option if you don’t have the space for a coffee table, but still want a surface to put things on. And if you do have the space for a coffee table, there are nesting tables available in the coffee table dimensions, like the Archie Nest of Coffee Tables.

Can you use nesting tables as coffee table?

Most definitely.

As we’ve just mentioned above, nesting coffee tables are essentially a set of nesting tables that are used in the same way as a coffee table. Not only is this idea space-saving, it’s also a really interesting focal point.

7 of the best nesting tables

Take a look at our favourite nesting tables below:

1. Knightsbridge Nest of 3 Tables

With its minimalistic industrial design, this Knightsbridge nest of tables is made for modern living spaces. Featuring a black coated metal frame and a striking concrete effect foil, this trio of tables are both eye-catching and functional. 

2. Mango Lounge Nest of 2 Tall Lamp Tables

This pair of nesting tables are made from Mango wood that’s been crafted using traditional methods and comes in homely warm honey brown colour. The curved edges of the Mango nest lamp tables give these tables their unique look, while the ample surfaces are coated with a hard-wearing finish, making them ideal for everyday use.

3. Oak Lounge Set of Cubes

We love this set of cube tables, which are a modern take on stacking tables. Made from solid oak, they’re designed to last and are easy to clean and maintain. You can use the tops of the Oak cubes for everyday use or decorative purposes, while the inners can also be used for extra storage too (e.g. a basket full of magazines or books).

4. Brooklyn Nest of 2 Round Tables

Made from warm oak, the Brooklyn round stacking tables have plenty of traditional country appeal. Chunky surfaces, elegant, tapered legs and inset detailing make these tables extra attractive. Also available in square set of 3 nesting tables or a round side table.

5. Valencia Nest of 2 Tables

Effortlessly rustic, the Valencia nest tables feature an attractive light natural oak finish, a chunky surface with inset line detailing, and subtle A-shaped legs, adding an added extra bit of charm and interest to this duo.

6. Archie Nest of Lamp Tables

Combining traditional wood and contemporary metal, the Archie nesting tables are ideal for both modern and more rustic settings. Measuring 50cm by 50cm, these tables provide plenty of surface space for everyday living, as well as decorative purposes.

7. Lisbon Nest of Tables

With its feature legs, the Lisbon Nest of Tables is a real show-stopper of a stacking table set. Complementary chrome effect combines with light grey oak, making the tables highly attractive and a huge design statement in their own right. 

Nest of tables may be a tried-and-tested furniture item, but it’s one that’s most certainly moving with the times. Round, square, rectangular, tall, curved and design-led, the nesting table options are endless. All you have to decide is, which one you prefer the most!

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Published: 13th April 2022