Brits best lockdown DIY transformations

With so many of us having extra time this past year to take up new hobbies or tackle tasks we’ve been meaning to do for years, we scoured the nation for our competition to find some of the best home transformations, from garden glow ups to room renovations.

Our winner, Sophie Ayris, from Milton Keynes transformed her dark hallway into a downstairs toilet and house for her dog, and has now won a sofa set worth over £1,500, including both a two and three-seater Andreas sofa. 

See her winning entry below along with the runners up.

1) Sophie Ayris (30), from Milton Keynes

“Our hallway hadn't been touched in years, and it was dull and dark and really dated.” Sophie explains. 

“I wanted to turn it into a downstairs loo and it all needed vamping up, so we added a tiny basin and toilet under the stairs, installed new mosaic tiles and did an awful lot of painting and stripping on the stairs. To finish, we added a little doghouse - which she loves!” 

2) David Whistle (50), from Brighton

“The untidy bleak corner of our garden was transformed into a bright attractive place to relax.” says David.

3) Dave Deeks (43), from Thatcham 

“From a complete tip to a beautifully landscaped seating area that we can spend evenings in, making staying at home more enjoyable.” says Dave. 

4) Michelle Payne (45), from Southampton

“While we were on furlough, we painted the cupboards in our kitchen and added new handles, as well as adding a new cooker hood and flooring which has completely transformed it!” explains Michelle.

5) Ashley Talbot (39), from Cambridge

“Our homes dumping ground was turned into a fully functioning and stylish office space. I hand built, sprayed and fitted all the cupboards myself.” says Ashley.

6) Charlotte Leathert (56), from Manchester

Charlotte says: “We added a cool bar into our summer house that we built during lockdown.”

7) Colin Daniel (50), from Worcester

“The decking area in our house needed renewing, which was a difficult task with short supplies of wood during lockdown.” says Colin.

8) Gemma Linney (27), from Southampton

Gemma says: “We couldn't afford to knock out the drab and dated fireplace, so instead vamped it up by buying green paint!”

9) Gwen Taylor (65), from Sudbury

Gwen says: “After years of saving and waiting to become motivated, we were finally able to do up our patio!”

10) Sharon Jackson (59), from Northampton

Sharon says: “The garden was overgrown and I wanted some flowers and to stop the mud from being brought in by the dogs when it rained. 

“My son and I added slabs and built some raised beds during lockdown. We even hired a digger and created a simple yet lovely garden to sit in.”

11) Margaret Ann Finkle (71), from Colchester

“We have a dining room window that looks out onto a wooden neighbour's fence around five feet away, which isn’t an attractive view at all. 

“We discussed how to obscure the view and decided to have a go at stained glass. My husband, Granville, designed the windows and off we went. It took us a while, but we managed it as we had plenty of time during lockdowns. We are so pleased with the result and now we can entertain during the daytime without feeling we have to draw the curtains.” says Margaret.

12) Alex Alexander (66), from Paisley

“I made a Murphy Bar for the garden during lockdown last year, using excess materials that I had laying around like old pieces of decking. I stained it all over and even managed to make cut outs for the wine glasses – the only purchase was two hinges which I needed” says Alex. 

“My family are all well chuffed with my efforts and I am proud of my handy work for the finished bar as it looks great and will be well used this summer.” 

13) Matthew Standing (41), from Warrington

“I added a fresh coat of paint, replaced the old and tired rug, added curtain rails and added curtains, then painted the walls with colourful and delightful accents.” says Matthew.

14) Dawn Aylmer (63), from Gloucester

Dawn says: “We live in a pre-fab bungalow that didn't have any brick in it, so we were unable to get a mortgage from most lenders. We finally found one who would lend, so we got straight onto this transformation.”

15) Audrey Jestin (36), from St Neots

“Our bedroom was dull and dated and it wasn't making the most out of the large space we have. We transformed the layout completely and the bed is now where the wardrobe was.” Audrey explains.

“My partner has levelled and laid the floor, painted the room and built the bespoke wardrobe, and panelled wall behind the bed. We spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration!”

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