4 things every family home needs

Have you been looking around your home and thinking it needs a bit more of a family-focused touch here and there? 

While family doesn’t come in an interior decor scheme, there are design elements that ooze family living.

The best family homes are based around functionality because there’s multiple people, big and little, to think about, who come with their own routines and belongings, such as toys, make-up, football kits and books.

Organising your home around how you function as a family is a definite must because you can guarantee it ticks everyone’s boxes, and it may also mean you get to live in it for longer too (it may even become your forever home!)

What makes a family home?

Good question, we’re glad you asked it because it’s an excellent starting point.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all template to creating a family home due to the fact everybody’s family is different and how they use their home is different too. However, generally speaking, homes that work in favour of families and have exactly what they need, depending on their personal preferences, are family homes.

What you need in a family home 

Family houses are centred around the family that live in them. For instance, if your downstairs living area is open plan, then you could separate it into zones for the children and adults. The idea behind this, is that everybody gets to do what they usually or want to do without getting in the way of each other.

Studies can become play dens or vice versa, a corner of the living room can become an office, and conservatories can easily be turned into playrooms or homework spaces. The key to thinking ‘family design’ is that you optimise every single square inch of your home, especially if some of your rooms are on the smaller side.

Once you’re clear on your adult and kid-friendly zones, then you can start to invest in some staple items, that will enable you to turn your ideas into reality. Some examples include:

1. Family-friendly storage 

Storage is an absolute must in family homes, such as storage footstools that can also be used as kids’ tables and seats.

Endurance Albus Storage Footstool

Part of the hard-wearing Endurance range, this footstool is sturdy and practical, as well as stylish and contemporary, all rolled into one. With a height of 43cm, width of 75cm and depth of 61cm, there’s plenty of space to easily store all of your family belongings away, be it toys, remote controls, magazines or devices, until the next day.

SiSi Italia Sicily Footstool

Available in a range of colours, include darker shades to hide little finger marks, this footstool is also made from leather, meaning it’s easier to wipe down than fabric and longer-lasting too. It also makes an excellent seat or table for the kids.

La-Z-Boy Raleigh Relaxer Footstool

This footstool is the ultimate multi-functional piece of family furniture! Mum and dad can use it to put their feet up while watching the TV, while the little ones can use it as a seat or bed to snuggle up in either with mum and dad in the living room or in their play zone. Made from leather, it’s easier to clean and more hard-wearing than fabric too.

2. Family-friendly flooring

Depending on how much of your home you’re getting carpeted, carpets are an investment that you ideally want to last for as long as possible.

But when you’ve got kids coming in and out of your home with muddy shoes and racing up and down the stairs all of the time, keeping your carpet in pristine condition can be challenging.

Durable carpets that are designed to live up to the wear and tear of family life are a must. Here are some carpet ranges that do just that:

Piccadilly Cord Stripe Carpet

This carpet is eye-catching and functional. It’s available in two different colour combos, and because of the striped design, is good for hiding marks and stains. It comes with a 15-year stain guarantee and an overall 10-year guarantee.

Living Aikwood Carpet

Available in 9 neutral shades, this fade resistant carpet is recommended for heavy domestic areas around the home, e.g. hall, stairs and landing. Made from 100% polypropylene, it can be cleaned with bleach and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Living Fortune Carpet 

This carpet can be cleaned with bleach while the twist pile is designed for the busiest of homes. Part of our long-lasting luxury range, it comes with a stain-free guarantee. 

Not everybody likes having carpet in all of their rooms, which is where vinyl comes in. Vinyl flooring is available in all sorts of patterns and colours these days, and is capable of instantly brightening up any room, be it the kitchen, bathroom or playroom. It’s also a firm family favourite because it’s so easy to clean! 

3. Family-friendly sofas 

If there’s a fair few of you in your family, you want to be able to all sit down on the sofa together or easily put your feet up and relax once the kids have gone to bed.

These sofas are perfect for family time and provide ample space for when you’re chilling on your own:

La-Z-Boy Hollywood 1 Corner 3 Manual Recliner

This has got everything for the entire family – plenty of places for people to sit, comfy cushions, and even reclining seats for mum and dad! It’s available in fabric and leather too, and comes with or without the stud detail.

And because it’s a corner sofa, it’s a great space-saver if you slot it into a corner. It can also be used to turn one room into two different zones.

Sisi Italia Sicily 4 Seater Curved Split Sofa with Cup Holders

There’s something almost cinema-like about this sofa, with its pop-out cup holders. The seats are nice and spacious and the leather upholstery means it’s easier to clean. 

Inspire Rockcliffe 2 Seater Sofa Bed Standard Back

Not strictly a sofa, but this sofa bed is ideal for smaller living spaces because of its dual functionality. The kids can sit on it during the day and use it for sleep-overs with friends. The design is so versatile, it easily goes in any room.

4. Family-friendly dining sets

Food time is family time, which is why every family home has a dining set that’s large enough to get everybody around it, whether that’s on a daily basis or for special occasions.

Brooklyn 1.8m Extending Dining Table with 2 Natural Cross Back Chairs & Bench

If it’s traditional you’re after, this Brooklyn dining set is the perfect choice. The chair and bench combination give it more of a modern edge (and plenty of space for people to gather around the table!)

It’s extendable too, so there’s no need to worry about the table not being big enough for family get-togethers or art projects.

Sisi Italia San Pietro 1.6m Extending Dining Table & 6 Chairs

With a sleek, extendable table, this set is ideal for all occasions. There’s ample space for people to pull up a seat which, by the way, are soft to the touch and the high backs provide the right amount of comfort while you eat, play, read or study.

Archie Dining Table and 6 Chairs

The contrast between the rustic wooden table, brushed steel legs and 4 to 6 leather padded seats, which are easy to wipe down, represents retro chic at its very best.

This set wouldn’t look out of place being used as an office or study table either.

See…family-friendly styling is more achievable than you may think!

Start by considering how you use your home, room-by-room, and then decide which furniture pieces you need to make it happen. 

We’d love to see your family-friendly homes, make sure you share them with us on social using #myscshome

Published: 10th May 2022