How to add value to every room in your home

Every seller wants to get the highest possible price for their home and there are a number of things you can do before listing your property to help increase its value. Whether it’s small jobs like painting old walls, or larger projects like adding an en-suite, each room of your home can play a part in driving up your asking price.

We’ve partnered with Bruna Pani at We Buy Any House, to reveal how you can add value to every corner of your property, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Living Room

1) Change the fireplace

Cost: From £1,000

Value added: Up to £5,000

Bruna: “An upgraded fireplace can be a focal piece of artwork or a way to frame a media wall, as well as serving as a functional piece in the living room. It can add 5% to a property’s value and can have a transformative impact.”

2) Improve your interior doors

Cost: From £700

Value added: Up to £7,500

Bruna: “The addition of single or double sliding doors leading into the living room not only provides more functional and flexible access but they are also perfect for elevating the style of the room. Utilising the style of your doors inevitably adds to the price of your property as they create the impression that the interior design is vital and therefore the home is valued.”

3) Replace your radiators

Cost: From £600

Value added: Up to £10,000

Bruna: “Upgrading your radiators can help to add value onto your property and not just for interior design reasons - they also serve the vital purpose of ensuring they keep the room warm. Free standing, aluminum radiators are perfect for a stylish, modern upgrade to your heating system.”


1) Replace the kitchen sink bowl and faucet

Cost: From £180

Value added: Up to £2,000

Bruna: “Upgrading your kitchen sink can add value to the property as it’s the focal point of the kitchen and plays a vital role in today’s contemporary kitchen designs. Ranging from £180-£350, undermounted, double bowl sinks achieve a modern, minimalist look to provide a seamless finish to your kitchen. Adding your desired faucet to match the sink design can complete the look.”

2) Add a kitchen island

Cost: £250-£3,000

Value added: Up to £15,000

Bruna: “The addition of a kitchen island adds functionality to the space and value to your home due to both aesthetic and practical reasons. Kitchen islands have many benefits, from providing a casual seating area, to storage room for extra appliances.”

3) Replace the floor

Cost: £40 per m²

Value added: Up to £5,000

Bruna: “Updating your kitchen floor can totally transform the look of a room and result in a clean and comfortable finish that is practical and affordable. The addition of porcelain kitchen tiles adds value to the room as, not only do they provide quality and style, but they also provide the insurance of longevity.”

If you’re looking for a new floor, check out our collection of kitchen flooring options here.


1) Change the wardrobe style

Cost: From £1,000

Value added: Up to £5,000

Bruna: “Minimalist sliding wardrobe designs are a simple way of adding a stylish and functional flare to the bedroom, maximising floor space and ultimately adding value onto the room. Replacing existing wardrobe doors with sliding, minimalist alternatives brings a timeless aesthetic that blends seamlessly into the wall and can finish the room.”

2) Add a walk-in wardrobe

Cost: From £5,000

Value added: Up to £7,500

Bruna: “Transforming part of a spacious bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe is a great way to add value onto the property as well as providing easy access to all your clothing items. A walk-in wardrobe can transform the look of a master bedroom, and their sought-after appeal has resulted in property value increasing by around £1,000 due to this one addition.”

3) Add an en-suite bathroom

Cost: From £3,000

Value added: Up to £10,000

Bruna: “En-suite bathrooms can add great value to the price of a property. They bring accessibility and are a really practical addition to any bedroom. They also provide an element of luxury. The addition of an en-suite can increase property value by over 5%.”


1) Upgrade your bathtub

Cost: From £800

Value added: Up to £5,000

Bruna: “Replacing the bathtub is essential when aiming to add value onto the bathroom. Although bathtubs eventually succumb to the inevitable fate of needing to be replaced due to general wear and tear, opting to replace with a high-end, luxury, spa-inspired bathtub can significantly increase the overall value of the room.”

2) Underfloor heating

Cost: From £1,000

Value added: Up to £10,000

Bruna: “Incorporating underfloor heating in the bathroom is not only cost-efficient in comparison to running regular heating, but it also provides an element of luxury. An effortless heating system, the bathroom will always remain the perfect temperature whilst you’re in there, and create a more functional space, as the removal of radiators maximises bathroom space.”

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