A Splash of Colour – Scatter Back Style

Looking to bring some extra colour and flair to your living room or your sofa, but you’re not sure how? Look no further than a scatter back sofa! A scatter back is a sofa that has extra-large pillows and cushions for support, as opposed to the regular two-piece cushions.

Our customers always wonder – ‘Are the cushions on the scatter back sofa fixed?’ The answer is no – you can mix and match your scatter back cushions to your heart’s content!

A scatter back can be an incredibly versatile sofa due to the different styles of pillows you can choose from. We’ve put together a few of our favourite scatter backs in this style guide!


A geometric print can really give your living room a big burst of colour. Depending on the base colour of your sofa, you can pair almost any colour with your sofa.

The great thing about a geometric pattern is that you have a variety of colours in the pattern, allowing you to add different colours to your room without them looking out of place.

On-trend colours this season are teal, grey and white, alongside yellow and grey, as shown on the Ailsa 3 Seater Scatter Back Sofa. Geometric patterns come in all shapes and sizes, so the possibilities are endless! 


A plaid design is a great way to introduce colour but in a subtle, effective way. Depending on what colour your sofa is, you can decide on what colour scheme to introduce.

If you’re looking for a darker tone sofa, try incorporating a maroon or burgundy, or even a purple onto your Scatter Back.

For lighter shades, such as grey, look into a classic black and white or a white and blue. For the smaller cushions, go for a smaller pattern, or no pattern at all.

Having a design like this on the sofa opens up to the option of throws too. If you can find a throw that has a complementary pattern and colour, this could add a whole new dimension to the sofa.


A floral pattern is a great way to make a room feel instantly more alive. The trick with these patterns is to keep the colours minimal, as the added pattern in the cushions help make the sofa stand out.

Try going for a darker grey or black sofa, mixed with floral patterns including white, black and grey. With these patterns allowing the colours to stand out, you can add more depth to the room by including a rug that has similar colours within it.

Here’s some of our favourite ways that you’ve been styling scatter back sofas on our Instagram:


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