Top 10 interior trends of 2022

In this inspirational guide, we’ve rounded up all of the top interior trends of 2022. Plus, with the help of our Interior Stylist Vicki, you can discover how to create the home you love with some easy-to-follow styling tips you won’t want to miss.

1. Utilising black accents

Black and white have been a timeless colour combo for as long as we can remember. This is why it’s no surprise that monochromatic styling is a popular and versatile choice. You also can’t go too far wrong with mixing and matching these two colours with any accent colour of choice which will instantly pop! 

Vicki says: "White walls are very on-trend at the moment and when paired with black accents this creates a sophisticated, classic interior. Currently, there are lots of black accessories around so this trend is quite easy to achieve. From cushions and throws to floor lamps and occasional furniture – the options are endless. I particularly like the black sectioned framed mirrors. It’s a good signature piece for your lounge and a good starting point for you to add further black accents."

@athomewith_steph has added beautiful black and white accents to her living room - we think it looks stunning!

Easily attain this look with our contemporary Rimini Black furniture range, choose from a modern black dining table, sleek design coffee table or coordinating lamp table – all with a beautiful high gloss finish. 

For a more industrial look, our Knightsbridge range may tick more of your boxes. The clean lines, exposed arms and square design of this range is spot on for creating a minimalist interior that’s bang on-trend. Pair this range with hanging pendant lighting and stylish accessories and you’ll have a dining room you’ll be head over heels for. 

If your interior colour scheme would be complemented by grey, white and black then our Milano range may be the one for you.

The Milano dining chairs come in a beautiful plush grey finish, with curved backs and complimenting black hairpin legs. Pair these with the Milano round dining table with a high gloss finish for a seamless look. 

2. Bringing the outdoors in 

Reconnect with nature and welcome outdoor elements into your home with your décor choices. Incorporating these will instantly add a feeling of Zen and mindfulness into our homes with their soothing properties. It’s not surprising this trend has been around for a while, though it is more relevant now than ever before.  

One of the simplest ways of creating a sense of the outdoors is through the use of greenery, from faux houseplants to real leafy ones – they both do the same job! Vicki agrees: “From dark green to sage – green is THE colour of the moment, but how do you incorporate it into your home? Plants are an easy and relatively inexpensive way of adding an accent of green to your room, Add groups of plants in varying sizes and styles.”

Another major plus of utilising green is it works with a palette of colours so you won’t be short on choice. “Gold is also a fab accent colour to pair with deep green shades, instantly making your room feel glamorous and indulgent.”

If plants aren’t your thing or if you’d like to incorporate them another way then you can do so with your choice of patterns and prints. “Our Bloom range is perfect for this trend and ties in nicely with the next trend which is Botanical.”

3. Botanical trend

Embrace all things nature and nature-inspired with the Botanical trend everyone’s talking about. Essentially, it’s all about the use of plants and plant-like features through your design choices.

Here’s Vicki’s take on the trend: “Botanical is a trend that has gained momentum since lockdown. We missed the open air and being in touch with nature – since then bringing the outdoors indoors was born. This has evolved and now tropical print wallpapers and cushions are a huge part of this trend, mix them with a velvet sofa for the perfect flurry of textures and colours.”

Do floral patterns, statement pieces and velvet sofas sound right up your street? Achieve this maximalist approach to interior design with our beautiful Botanicals range. Booming with floral and leafy printed sofas for a fun and fresh take on living room furniture. 

If you’d like to find out more about the Botanical trend, we’ve got an in-depth article all about how to incorporate it into your home and the best ways to style it.

Do floral patterns, statement pieces and velvet sofas sound right up your street? Achieve this maximalist approach to interior design with our beautiful Botanicals range. Booming with floral and leafy printed sofas for a fun and fresh take on living room furniture. 

4. Dark and earthy tones

Creating a moody atmosphere with dark tones is popular in rooms such as living rooms, snugs and bedrooms as these are typically places you want to create a cocoon-like feeling. The earthy palette includes colours from chocolate browns to natural stones and they provide the perfect base colour to work your décor around. 

The beauty of these tones is that you can overlay them with brighter colours for interest and a layered effect, ideal for adding intrigue and a certain je ne sais quoi to your room. 

We asked Vicki for her take on this trend and she had this to say: “Grey and black shades are a perfect base for jewel tones. Add a bright velvet sofa in shades of amethyst or emerald to bring your interior to life. Don’t be scared of using dark shades, particularly in older properties that have more character. If this is a step too far then you could choose to add cushions or accessories in brighter shades of navy and yellow to revitalise your room.”

We’re certainly here for these contrasting colours! For more tips on working navy blue check out our navy blue sofa styling guide.

5. Scandinavian minimalism 

Minimalist and Scandi design are a beautiful partnership inspired by regional trends in Nordic countries.

With functionality, simplicity and calmness at the heart of this style, it’s the perfect blend for a serene living space. Distinguishable by its optimisation of space, favouring natural materials such as rattan, wood and woven fabrics, combined with the use of subtle, neutral tones.

Our simple yet stylish Romeo dining range is ticking all of the minimalist Scandi boxes, with beautiful clean line designs, timeless light wood finish and incredible charm. 

“Minimalism doesn’t have to be stripped back and clinical. It’s all about getting the right balance in your room. Your furniture needs to fill your room but not overpower it. Leave enough space for a natural flow and banish the clutter! Allow the use of light for a feeling of openness, from architecture to interior design. Scandi elements are very popular with lots of abstract vases and wall art on the high street. Avoid chunky furniture to best replicate this trend, stick to light woods and more slimline styles,” advises Vicki.

6. Zen interiors 

Our home is very often our haven, so it makes sense that we want to implement a feeling of Zen throughout.

Zen-inspired interior design is all about creating a peaceful and tranquil environment within your four walls. Think of it as emulating the same warm, fuzzy feeling of snuggling under a knitted blanket on a winter’s night with this trend. Achieved with simple furniture, calm and neutral colours and features that bring balance into a room.

Vicki offers her expert opinion: “Zen is more of an attitude than a trend. More and more we are wanting a space in our home where we can feel safe and relaxed. Working from home is still a massive part of many of our lives, so it’s vital to have a space away from the workstation where you can get away from the pressures of work. Room dividers have become very popular where it’s not possible to shut the door at the end of the working day.”

When it comes to choosing a colour palette for your relaxation area, Vicki recommends, “Calming colours such as creamy whites and sage greens are good shades to use to keep the stress levels down.” Another top tip is to “Incorporate plants for mindfulness. Plus caring for them doubles up as a great hobby to help you to relax.” 

We love @happy_hyggehome's zen space.

7. Textured fabrics

Layering up textured fabrics is easy to do, especially on your sofa. Your choice of soft furnishings from embroidered velvet cushions to faux fur blankets all add to the interest and make dressing your sofa a fun and experimental past time.

From our Bloom velvet 3 seater sofa to our Candace bouclé 2 seater sofa, utilising textured fabrics can start with your furniture.

Are you more of a cord-lover? Then our Everett range will be the perfect match for you as its super soft cord fabric will offer a warm and comfortable feel when you sit down.

There are so many fab textures around at the moment. Bouclé is a new trend just coming through, but some fab shapes of furniture are available in this material. Velvets are still very popular, for more of an art deco feel add tassels or pom poms to recreate the 1920s trend. 

Vicky says "Another popular texture is jumbo cord, renowned for being both cosy and hard-wearing. Why not mix it with faux fur cushions or throw to create a stylish, luxe feel to your room?”

8. Natural materials 

Now we’ve touched on textures, a very on trend choice is natural materials – picture hessian cushions, woven baskets and linen curtains.

Move over manmade materials as these organic choices are becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design. Typically seen in Boho and Country style living as they’re renowned for their use of lots of natural materials, ranging from driftwoods to jute rugs and chunky wool blankets. 

Hessian and woven materials such as jute are the perfect options for use within the home, not only do they look great, they’re extremely durable. From plant pots to footstools these materials are rapidly becoming everybody’s favourite texture.” We agree Vicki, we’re seeing these elements being incorporated in some many of our customer’s homes.

We’re seeing these elements being incorporated in some many of our customer’s homes.

Check out @bexrads_gosford lounge filled with natural elements and the Theo sofa in beige.

9. Natural lighting

From natural materials to natural lighting. 

Natural lighting works wonders in rooms of all sizes as it has space-enhancing qualities that are always appealing. If you have a room that’s on the smaller side, you may be wondering how best to go about this.

Luckily, Vicki has some top tips: “Natural lighting is not always easy to achieve in a smaller home, but adding a mirror is an effective way of bouncing light around a room. Also, keeping your wall colours neutral will maximise the amount of reflection. Lemon yellow is a fresh colour and works well in kitchens and bathrooms which are renowned for having little or no natural light. White walls are also great and an ideal base to add a variety of accent colours. Adding a piece of abstract art is an effective way of injecting a bit of colour into plain walls.”

Mirrored and glass furniture such as our Pimlico glass dining table and Lisbon round mirror will certainly do the trick. Have a go at positioning your accessories and furniture towards the light and watch it ricochet around the room.

10. Sustainable furniture

As a population, we’ve started to become more and more aware of the environment than ever before and this is reflected in the sustainable materials we’re starting to incorporate into our homes.” Here at ScS, you spoke and we listened and we’re proud to stock a range of sustainably sourced ranges.  

As many of us have now become more considerate with our purchases and favour more eco-conscious options, our sustainable ranges make it easy to play your part and support this movement. 

From the forest to your front room we offer plenty of ranges that are independently FSC certified meaning there is traceability every step of the way, including the Botanicals range, our exclusive Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen range, as well as our Inspire range.

What’s more, our Bloom collection is crafted from luxury velvet made from 100% recycled fabric across the floral footstool and scatter cushions, so you can reduce your carbon footprint in style.  

Don’t think we’ve forgotten flooring either, as 100% of our laminate and wooden flooring ranges are made from responsibility sourced timber.

Choosing and shopping sustainably is always on trend.

As we’ve now wrapped up all of the top 2022 interior trends we hope you’re feeling inspired to give your home a refresh.

With so many trends and styles out there, you can really make them your own. We can’t wait to see what style you opt for, be sure to tag us over on our Instagram @scssofas.

Published: 1st April 2022