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It’s easy to see why luxury U shaped sofas are so popular – perfect for hosting, relaxing and stretching out in front of the TV.

These shaped sofas offer you the ultimate sociable experience in your living room.

Move over L shaped sofas, our U shaped sofa has two corners, so there’s even more room for you and your family to nestle into!

Read on to find out more about the newest corner sofa on the block. 

What are U shaped sofas called?

As you might expect, U shaped sofas are called just that!

They get their name from the way the seats fit together and wrap around in the shape of a U. 

Designed to fill even the most spacious of living rooms, a U shaped sofa makes the room feel equally as cosy as a snug would.  

Available in a variety of fabric colourways, from gorgeous emerald green to an ice grey u shaped sofa, shop our versatile Sociable corner sofa. As each section is complete with luxurious foam filled seats as standard you’ll always feel comfortable and supported. 

How to arrange a room around a U shaped sofa

As these beautiful, spacious sofas will act as the communal heart of your home, positioning them depends on how you typically use your space.

We recommend positioning your U shaped sofa against a flat wall and then having your coffee table – for easy access, or a fancy footstool (for extra stretching out!) in the middle of the U.

Or perhaps you have a favourite rug that would complement your sofa and offset it wonderfully when placed together.

However you choose to arrange your room around a U shaped sofa, one thing is for sure – it’ll make for the perfect snuggly addition to complete your lounge or open-plan living area.  

Is a corner sofa a good idea?

In a word – absolutely.

A corner sofa offers the ideal hangout and lounging area for you and your family to chill out on. Or the perfect spot for those cosy nights in where you’ve got the sofa to yourself for once and fancy stretching out with your favourite show on the TV.

Designed to suit your home, the beauty of a corner sofa is it can be arranged however you best see fit.

Renowned for being incredibly relaxing and spacious, all of our corner sofas do not disappoint when it comes to comfort. In fact, you’ll never want to get up once you’ve sat down!  

Which type of sofa is best for the living room?

There are several things to consider when deciding on your sofa of choice for your living room.

Firstly, how big is your living room? Whilst a corner sofa can be more compact than a standard sofa, it is layout permitting.

Both a U shaped sofa and corner sofa typically require a free adjoining corner where you won’t be blocking a doorway or even a radiator, as you don’t want to restrict any heat circulating around the room! 

You’ll also want to get the right balance between the ideal sofa size for the space in your lounge, e.g. a 2-seater or a 3-seater, with the number of people who typically use that room at a time. Top tip: also consider guest numbers if you typically have a busy home!

The perfect solution for you is a sofa that easily fits into the space you have available, whilst also comfortably seating you and your family.

A corner sofa is perfect for square rooms, though it can also make for the perfect divider to separate areas in open plan living.

So if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space to play with, you can maximise your space and create a multifunctional space with clever furniture positioning.

Did you know that thanks to their shape, corner sofas offer the same amount of seating space as straight sofas and take up less space?

If you’d like to find out more about corner sofas, be sure to have a read of our What is a Modular Sofa article, as this will give you more of an understanding of how the seats slot together. 

Of course, for some homes, a regular sofa is more practical. As corner and U shaped sofas can be quite an awkward shape to get through doorways, it’s important to think about how you’ll actually get it into the room – is there easy access or will it be a logistical nightmare?

This is definitely something to bear in mind and will save you the heartache down the line when your dream corner sofa turns up at your door and you can’t get it in…

Would a corner sofa make the most of your space? If not, perhaps a chaise longue would work better for a smaller living room as it gives you the best of both worlds and you can enjoy relaxing comfort in style.

Typically a slightly smaller sized sofa that you can simply add on the optional chaise ends to make it perfect for family nights in.

Overall, the best type of sofa is the one that works for you and your way of living.

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Published: 26th December 2021