The UK’s freakiest new home finds

When moving into a new home, there are often a few items left behind by the previous owners, but some people have got more than they bargained for when they discovered these freaky and downright creepy things while unpacking.

Kathryn made a baffling discovery while exploring her new kitchen - a plastic container containing an aortic valve from a human heart!

You can see the freaky discovery below, along with the rest of the top 20 competition entries.

Aortic Valve

The aortic valve was found by Kathryn in a jar of formaldehyde - we would love to know what it was doing in the kitchen!

(Kathryn Gaston, Glasgow)

Witch Decoy Kit

This ‘witch decoy kit’ consisting of eight odd shoes, a half-eaten hat, a horse’s skull, another unidentified animal skull, two gun barrels and a glass bottle was found under the staircase of Kerrie’s house.

(Kerrie Jackson, Wrexham)

Mental Hospital Records

Sam found the blueprints and food log for an old mental hospital from the 1920s - an eerie find indeed.

(Sam McCloskey, Haywards Heath).

Bottle Of Arsenic

Anne found a small bottle of poison containing arsenic hidden away on the wooden beams in her outbuilding. Who knows who used the contents!

(Anne Marie Martin, Colchester)

Rabbit Skull

In Tanya’s new home, she found a rabbit skull hanging on the living room wall! The last owners must have had a very peculiar taste in artwork.

(Tanya Kaushal-Cash, Sunderland)

Witchcraft Set

When Tracey moved in, she found a huge knife wedged behind the door and two small jars - one with a dead spider in and another with a burnt pin, which she was told is to do with witchcraft. Their garden was also covered in ivy and had crosses on the trees - spooky!

(Tracey Martin, Brighton)

Resus Doll

Sue had the life scared out of her by this 1970s resuscitation doll, when she opened a suitcase left in her new home. She said: “I put it back away pronto!”

(Sue Turley, Norwich)

Creepy Polaroid

When Paul was redecorating, he found an envelope containing this polaroid and note - the previous tenants had no children which made the find even creepier!

(Paul Jones, Liverpool)

Erotic Novel

When Sam was knocking down the inbuilt wardrobe in his 1950s home, an old erotic novel fell on the floor! It was called ‘Rachel Rachel’. Sam also found some lovely handwritten letters from the 50s which he thinks were from the original tenants. He said: “I will put them back up there for the next owners to find…”

(Sam Rowe, Hereford)

Handcuffs in the Attic

These mystery handcuffs were waiting for Timothy in the attic when he moved into his new house - a very freaky find indeed!

(Timothy Grainger, Reading)

Three-Faced Doll

This spooky doll with three faces was found in 2001 by Anita. She said: “When you turned the head, you would get happy, asleep and crying faces!”

(Anita Adams, Southend)

Saluting Mannequin

A scary doll-type mannequin saluting while dressed in children’s clothes is the last thing you would expect to find in a cleaning cupboard!

(Gemma Larkins, Wakefield)

Creepy Doll

When Christina moved into her new home, she found this terrifying doll in her attic with most of its face missing.

(Christina Rahman, London)

Magic Ring

Amanda found a small drawstring bag with a ring, a pebble and a note inside it while stripping her living room.

The note had instructions to put the pebble under your bed for three nights and say a little verse. She said: “I was a little freaked out. I have kept the ring in my jewellery box ever since. Every now and then, something moves in my bedroom and I am never 100% sure if it was me!”

(Amanda Bickerdike, Leeds)

Robbery Riches

Susan found a National Provincial Bank money bag full of old pennies and halfpennies hidden under the boards in her attic. Maybe the proceeds of a crime?

(Susan Trubey, Swansea)

Old Religion

Emily found this religious book from 1711 at the bottom of her new fitted wardrobe after taking out some floorboards. She said: “I have never held anything as old in my life. There’s a lot of writing still in this, with verses underlined and even transcribed at the front with a name!”

(Emily McNulty, Manchester)

Bone Marrow Jar

A ‘Virol Bone Marrow’ jar was found by Linda. In the 20th Century, this concoction contained vitamins which would be taken by children to give them strong bones.

(Linda Spevick, Harrow)

Meerkat Morgue

Debbie found this Oleg the meerkat toy left for them when they moved into their new house. She confessed: “It wasn't the toy but the positioning of the toy that freaked us a bit”.

(Debbie Ward, Nottingham)

Alien Invasion

E.T was found in the loft to the surprise of this family. Leah said: “Sadly, he was not able to phone home from there - this was one alien who did not get to go home!”

(Leah Finch, Shrewsbury)

Freaky Clown

When Kimberley and her family moved in, they found this creepy clown sitting in the corner of their attic looking straight at them. She said: “He was watching everything that came into the loft. We get him out every Halloween to scare the kids with spooky stories!”

(Kimberley Jebb, Merseyside)

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