Pets working from home: We found the most adorable colleagues across the UK

With Brits spending so much extra time at home this past year, many have been working alongside new colleagues, and while they may not be halving the workload, they have been pretty demanding and tricky to manage – but the cuddles and cuteness have definitely made it worth it.

We launched a competition to find the most adorable working from home buddies across the UK, and the votes are in. Sarah Lewis from Bromley was crowned the winner, after her cat Bear showed dedication to securing his daily attention, no matter what the cost to her workload.

Having beaten over 500 other adorable entries, Sarah will now receive our Spark three and two seater sofa set, worth £1,200.

Here’s Sarah’s entry as well as the rest of the top 20 adorable colleagues:

1. Sarah Lewis, Bromley

Sarah’s little cat, Bear, hates being ignored. He regularly joins in her zoom calls to make his presence known and, when she’s been working for too long, he’ll resort to laying on her laptop to make his point.

2. Annie McCaffrey and Mo, Liverpool

Mo (named after Mo Farah because he’s so speedy), joined Annie as a kitten during lockdown and he needs constant cuddles all day and won’t take no for an answer otherwise he’ll cause mass destruction. He makes up for it in his excellent shedding skills though.

3. Elaine Bromilow, Blackburn

Elaine has the perfect colleague in Ivor, who doesn’t complain about her singing along to the radio. He does eat all the biscuits but has vast experience in de-stressing and being pawsitive during lockdown.

4. Carrie Carpenter, Southampton

Digby, keeps Carrie company all day sat right next to her. He even helps man the phone while Carrie makes them lunch.

5. Anchalee Limchwalit, Borehamwood

Anchalee has the perfect colleague because he can’t pinch the (home) office chocolates.

6. Samantha Mann, Sheffield

Merlin is always looking out for his human, Samantha, never letting her work too long without a break and keeping her warm all day long as he sits on her lap, and not to mention always looking over her shoulder to make sure she’s working properly!

7. Kelly Bucher, Lancashire

Loki is a supportive and attentive colleague and is constantly by his human’s side. He does take the occasional nap though, because it’s a tough job being that cute.

8. Sarah Dixon, Plymouth

Sarah’s cat doesn’t play around when it comes to claiming her attention, bringing toys around to make it clear what he wants – and he’ll resorts to drastic measures to get it.

9. Christopher Michael, Chertsey

Flopsy made an appearance without her companion Roxy just to double-check Christopher was working and not slacking off.

10. Sandi Snook, Woodley Reading

Who needs a secretary when your cat is the purrfect spell checker?

11. Elizabeth Gontsarova, Liverpool

Elizabeth’s corgi Nemo is the perfect colleague because he supervises very closely. Her boss can rest assured that she’s not slacking off as director Nemo is on call. Nemo can also sense when she takes herself off mute and likes to bark many hello's whilst attending work calls.

12. Paul Baker, Holyhead

Einstein likes to show his face to Paul’s colleagues and say hello, he’s even started pitching in ideas and sharing his thoughts with the team.

13. Mia Beaumont, Chester

Herbert does not leave Mia’s dad’s side while he works, especially when he has his laptop on his knee! He also likes to tap his paw on the keyboard when he isn’t getting enough attention.

14. Jessica Wassell, Wolverhampton

Jessica works for a pet charity with makes her Labrador Ronnie the perfect colleague! He never leaves her side and regularly joins video calls. He's even been known to give his opinion on work matters by barking, although she thinks that's just to remind her it’s time for snacks or a walk. He's made 12 months working from home so much easier on Jessica.

15. Lorraine Foster, Deeside

Hamilton is a super friendly bunny who is always happy to help with working from home.

16. Gemma Hill, Chester

Although Gemma’s cat Meg, looks a little grumpy, she loves Gemma being at home with her every day. She keeps her company all day, sometimes a little too comfy on her keyboard, but maybe she’s just trying to help write some emails?

17. David Morgan, Oxford

David’s cat Sparky is 16 years old and since the first lockdown he wants to be with someone all the time. He is very good at timekeeping, and always knows when it's time for lunch.

18. Mike Briody, Livingston

Orlaith is the ideal colleague, helping to keep things stress free and encouraging relaxation.

19. Demelza Smith, London

Demelza’s cat has perfected all aspects of the job. From video calls to typing and reminding her to take regular screen breaks. How can you say no to that face?

20. Robert Dunham, Salisbury

Robert’s cat Biscuit was a stray from a kitten and now they’re working at home, he's having an amazing time helping keep Robert’s laptop nice and warm - it's tiring business!

We loved to see all the entries that came in and hope that Bear loves a new sofa so much he’ll go for some naps, and give Sarah the chance to get some work done!

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