Quarantine crafts: 20 of the UK’s most creative lockdown DIY projects

Many of us have used time in lockdown to tackle some of those DIY jobs we’ve just not managed to get round to, or always wanted to give a go - and we wanted to see how creative the nation has got!

That’s why we held a competition to find the very best DIY projects people have put their hands to in the last few months, and our winner, Jacqui Ruddy from Manchester, sailed into first place with a cardboard boat for her nephew, winning the family a brand new ScS sofa!

Here are the top 20 entries:

1) Jacqui’s amazing playhouse boat certainly made waves in the competition, winning first place!

2) Rachel’s husband cooked up a treat, making their daughter this fabulous toy kitchen with nothing but wooden pallets and leftover paint.

3) Jodie’s summer nights were made cosier with this decked out corner of the garden.

4) Catherine and her fiancé didn’t let their holiday or wedding cancellations stop them, instead they created their attic into a tropical den to remember the great trips they have to come.

5) Duncan and his family built an amazing summer house for the kids to play.

6) Andy and his family used leftover wood to produce this “chicknic table” - which the hens seem to love!

7) Terri is all set for summer after decorating her garden shed, ready for visitors (as soon as they’re allowed in that is!).

8) Carrie-Anne made this gorgeous outdoor sofa bench so that she can sit on it and relax in comfort.

9) Another ‘eggshell-ent’ project, James and his partner built two hutches to house the quails they bought during lockdown.

10) Perfect for family ukulele flights, Will created this bohemian paradise in his garage - with a homemade bar!

11) Samantha created this gorgeous memorial rise planter to honour her lost family members.

12) For easier access to her sister’s house, Morwenna used recycled materials to create these steps between the two homes.

13) To help add a touch of elegance to their barn conversion, Victoria’s husband made a custom chandelier for the space.

14) After keeping hold of all the materials for over a year, Naomi and her family finally got round to creating the perfect BBQ space.

15) Unable to go to her cousin’s first birthday, Amy and her brother made him a special toy box with his name on it. Happy birthday, Harvey!

16) In between shifts, Kendra recycled an old table, giving it a new lease of life with a creative mosaic pattern.

17) Sheila and her family helped bring a little extra light into their home by installing some large sunroof windows.

18) Turning an old fireplace into a fancy wine rack, Dave is ready to impress guests when dinner parties are back on the table!

19) Wanting to spruce up his outdoor space, Stewart converted a chandelier into a hanging plant feature.

20) Danielle is another choosing to upcycle her garden during lockdown, creating this peaceful outdoor space.

Which entries were your favourite? Let us know @scssofas