What does your sofa position say about your relationship?

Couple cuddling up on a sofa

Does the way you relax on the sofa with your significant other mean anything about your relationship? ​

We asked the nation how many of you like to snuggle up on the sofa and who prefers their own space and discovered the top seven sofa positions. We then teamed up with a body language expert to uncover what these positions might mean for couples.

A massive 60% said you preferred your own space instead of cuddling, with by far the most popular position for couples being sat on two separate sofas, chosen by over a third, suggesting that people like their own space!

And it was revealed that Londoners are the biggest cuddlers, followed by people from Norwich and Oxford.

The UK’s five cuddliest cities are:​

1. London (51% prefer it)

2. Norwich (48%)

3. Oxford (47%)

4. Birmingham (42%)

5. Glasgow (41%)

Sat On Different Sofas

Generally, we find this position in a long-term relationship and it does not necessarily indicate any problems, but rather a couple that has grown used to each other over the years. However, the lack of proximity in this position can indicate that the couple have become indifferent towards each other, or possibly that they have fallen into leading separate lives.

Legs On Lap

Whoever has their legs on their partner is the one in control. The person with their legs over their partner is to some degree demanding attention and has the dominant position – possibly in the relationship, as well as in the moment. This position usually indicates a happy relationship, signifying a couple that are comfortable with each other.

Sat Side-By-Side (touching but not cuddling)

This is the position of a happy and contented couple. They may not be in the first flush of passion, but they are connected and seeking to maintain contact with each other. Couples who sit in this position have confidence in the relationship and have a level of trust that allows for a healthy amount of space. There is intimacy combined with freedom.

Sat At Opposite Sides Of The Sofa

This position is sometimes known as ‘bookends’ and indeed is a visual representation of what is happening in the relationship. It usually indicates a couple that has become detached. Taking a seat at the opposite end from the other can be a protest behaviour to try and make a point following a row.

However, in the absence of conflict, if this is a regular seating position it suggests the couple might have grown apart, especially if they used to sit closer together. This is even more serious if both have their legs crossed pointing away from each other.

Cuddling In The Corner

There is closeness in this relationship, but this position can also signify a power differential in the relationship. The person spread out in the corner is owning the space, suggesting confidence and power in the relationship. The partner in the middle however, might be less secure and is seeking contact and reassurance - literally clinging on.

Cuddling In The Middle

This could be seen as the most loving position. There is equality in this relationship and a real connection – the main focus of being on the sofa is togetherness. This is often found early in a relationship where there is more of a need for assurance, and the passion is still very strong! If the couple’s heads are leaning together as well, this indicates an emotional as well as physical connection.

Corner Cuddle With Tucked Legs

In this position, the one with their legs tucked is generally drawing comfort in some way.  As with the earlier cuddling couple, the person in the corner tends to be the stronger one in the relationship, and the partner more submissive. This position is sometimes seen when one is insecure in a partnership, as they are to some extent adopting a foetal position.

Are you sat on the sofa now? Check if you’re sat in any of these top positions to see if you agree!

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