Meet the UK’s most destructive pets

As cute as they are, our pets can certainly be little troublemakers and furniture often takes the brunt of their mischief.

We recently ran a competition looking for the UK’s most destructive pet and Samuel, Zara Angelova’s three-year-old Cocker Spaniel, took the title.

Samuel was snapped looking guilty in front of a scene of destruction, having knocked a can of blue paint down the stairs and all over Zara’s cream carpet.

Zara and Samuel beat more than 100 other entries to take top spot and will receive one of our brand new Lucy 3 Seater Sofas.

You can see Samuel’s winning entry and the rest of the top 15 entries below.


1) Samuel - three-year-old Cocker Spaniel

Zara Angelova (Canterbury)

Samuel tried to help out owner Zara with her decorating, but things didn’t quite go to plan, knocking over a pot of paint at the top of the staircase and completely destroying the carpet.


2) Bella - three-year-old Pomeranian

Kelly McIntyre (Birmingham)

Bella went on a rampage and left owner Kelly’s pillow in tatters and her walls needing significant repairs. Her menacing snarl suggests she has no regrets!


3) Riley and Teddy - two and three-year-old Pug-Crosses

Lisa Williams (Exeter)

Lisa arrived home one day to catch her dogs Teddy and Riley ripping apart her best cushions. But how can you be annoyed at those little faces?


4) Bella and Bruno - eight-year-old Staffordshire Terriers

Helen Stubbs (Manchester)



Rescue Staffies Bella and Bruno are partners in crime and have ripped, chewed and shredded most things in Helen’s house - from cushions to laptops!


5) Bosley - four-year-old Staffordshire Terrier

Rick Haswell (Newcastle)


Bosley hates it when owner Rick leaves the house and ripping up the hallway carpet is the perfect stress reliever!


6) Ellie El Gato - 11-year-old Black Cat

Lindsay Winship (Colchester)



Ellie is seen here admiring her handiwork, having clawed the sofa arm right back to the wood. Lindsay says it’s a good job she loves her!


7) Lord Timothy Sheldrake - 20-year-old Leopard Tortoise

Tara Clover (Great Yarmouth)



Tara was shell-shocked to see that Lord Timothy the tortoise had smashed her best pot - there was no quick getaway from this crime!


8) Mittens - two-year-old Moggy Cat

Gillian Mills (Guildford)


Gillian filled her house with scratching posts, but Mittens still prefers to claw the armrest of their sofa - she’s certainly left her mark!


9) Roxy - five-year-old Husky-Cross

Ann-Marie McNicholas (St. Helens)



Roxy is still fairly new to Ann-Marie’s home and in a moment of excitement, managed to flip the sofa and ravage the fabric underneath. Ann-Marie said she didn’t even find any loose change!


10) Max - 15-month-old Goldendoodle

Sharon Williams (Worthing)


Sharon accidentally left her living room door open and puppy Max took the opportunity to have a bit of fun with the couch pillows.


11) Loki - four-year-old Newfoundland

Theresa Thomas (Rotherham)


Loki the Newfoundland made quite a mess in Theresa’s conservatory, eating the plants and then chewing the sofa.


12) Nemo - five-year-old Staffordshire Terrier

Gary Wilson (Preston)


Gary went out for a few hours before coming home and finding Nemo looking rather sheepish. The Staffie had tried to dig a hole straight through their lino flooring!


13) Dora - one-year-old British Blue

Rebecca James (Eastbourne)

Rebecca says that although Dora looks sweet, she’s actually quite a diva! On this occasion, Dora scratched the sofa so much that the stuffing started to come out.


14) Pudsey - two-year-old Pug

Katie Corkhill (Liverpool)


Just look at that guilty little face. Pudsey was left alone for 30 minutes and spent that time chewing through the bottom of Katie’s sofa.


15) Sprocket - three-year-old Cocker Spaniel

Sam Joslyn (Bexhill-on-Sea)

Chocolate isn’t good for dogs, but no-one told Sprocket! She sniffed out some chocolate coins, opened all of the foils, before smearing them into Sam’s sofa while eating them.


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