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Caring for your vinyl flooring

Caring for your vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular in the home. With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that you vinyl flooring stays looking its best for years to come.


It starts at installation

For the first 24 hours after your vinyl has been fitted, try to avoid walking on it as much as possible. If you do, make sure to keep away from any seams or edges. It is recommended that you wait at least three days after your vinyl flooring has been installed before cleaning your floor with water or an liquid cleaning product, this allows time for the adhesive to completely set.


Regular cleaning

Vinyl flooring handles dust and dirt much better than other flooring surfaces. But a little routine maintenance will keep your vinyl looking good. Sweep or vacuum your vinyl flooring to remove any loose dirt and dust and regular cleaning with a damp mop will help to restore your vinyl.

Do not use strong cleaning products on your vinyl flooring as this can dull the colour; also try to avoid using harsh scrubbing tools as they can cause damage to your floor.


Don’t let spills linger

The longer you leave a spill the more chance it has to permanently stain your floor. Wipe up any spills as soon as possible using a clean cloth or towel and rinse the area with water. For more stubborn spills then use a gentle vinyl floor cleaner and a non-abrasive scrubbing pad. A good trick is to add little lemon juice to some warm water; this is excellent as getting rid of stains.



Just like carpets, vinyl can be damaged by over exposure to natural light. To limit fading, use curtains or blinds helps to limit the amount of sunlight that enters. This will keep your vinyl looking better for longer.


Protect your floor

Using floor protectors on the legs of your furniture will not only allow you to move your furniture more easily but will prevent scratching and limit indentations in the surface. If your vinyl floor is near an exterior door then using mats will help to trap dirt and stop it from being tracked across your floor. Rugs are also good for high traffic areas, but be sure to use anti-slip underlay on rugs and mats to avoid them slipping on your vinyl flooring.