Now that you’ve found your dream sofa, you’ll want to check that it can fit into your home.

Before you purchase your sofa, it is important that you measure your space to make sure that you can not only enjoy it in your area of choice but that you have sufficient access to ensure a safe delivery to your home. 

Will it fit through the door?

Before it goes into your chosen room, it firstly needs to fit through your front door!

Measure the height and width of your doorways, hallway and room of delivery at the narrowest point, making note of any radiators, doors, shelving or any other features that may become an obstruction while manoeuvring your sofa.

Remember to measure the space based on the widest part of your sofa. You can find dimensions for your sofa on its dedicated product page on our website.

If you have a narrow doorway, our delivery team will rotate the sofa upright to carry it through the entrance.

It is important to remember that when the sofa is rotated or tilted, it will require more space.

All our sofas are delivered in protective packaging to ensure you receive your sofa in top condition.

As this will take up a little extra space, we recommend adding an extra few centimetres when measuring up.

If your front door is too tight to fit your new sofa through, is there another entry you could use instead?

Measure all entrances to your home and any space you will need your sofa to pass through, paying particular attention to side alleyways and gates. 

Will it fit up the stairs?

If your sofa is being delivered to an upstairs room or you live in a flat without a lift, measure the width of the staircase at its narrowest point, taking into account any possible obstructions, such as handrails and low ceilings.

If your sofa will need to be carried over the bannister, make sure the space between the bannister and ceiling is greater than the depth of the sofa. 

Will it fit in a lift?

If a lift is required to deliver your sofa, ensure the lift is large enough to fit your sofa.

Remember to consider the height of the doors as well as the space inside the lift. 

Will it fit in your room?

To ensure your sofa will fit in your room of choice, make sure you measure the space in which you want it to sit.

It may be a good idea to cut out the shape of your sofa on a piece of paper or cardboard and place it on the floor of the room.

Check you have enough space to walk comfortably around it.

Consider any features and pieces of furniture which could prove to be a problem, such as radiators and the opening of doors and cupboards.

Sofas for tricky spots

To avoid the risk of any delivery dilemmas, take a look at our suggested sofas that allow for an easier delivery.

Split sofas

Featuring a split base, split sofas offer the ease of delivery, without having to compromise on style or quality.

Modular sofas

Modular sofas are made up of a series of movable pieces that can be slotted together in various configurations to fit your space.

Recliner sofas

Built with removable backs and delivered in separate pieces. Your sofa will then be fitted together by our team upon delivery to your chosen room. 

Compact sofas

If you still aren't sure your chosen sofa will fit, check out our ranges of smaller sofas.

What if my sofa doesn't fit?

Our delivery team will do their utmost to ensure the safe delivery of your new sofa and make every effort possible to get the sofa into your area of choice.

In the unfortunate event that your sofa cannot be delivered as it will not fit into your home, it may be returned to our distribution centre, which may incur a charge.

You will be given the option to have one of our skilled upholsterers alter the sofa so that it will fit in your home. Please be aware, that this will be at an extra cost to yourself.

The cost of any alterations will depend on the sofa type and the changes that would be required. More information on delivery costs can be found here.

If you have any concerns over access to your property or the dimensions of your sofa, please call our Customer Service Team on: 0191 731 3300, who will be happy to assist you.

Alternatively, email us at or fill out our customer contact form.