Grey Sofas

Stylish and versatile with a classic charm, grey sofas are a fantastic way to refresh your space and add a modern touch to any living room. We have a wide range of grey fabric sofas in a stunning selection of high quality fabrics –from plush chenille to the luxurious feel of sumptuous crushed velvet. With shades to suit all styles - from dark smoky tones of charcoal and ash to the softer hues of and pewter –you’ll find grey sofas to compliment all decors and designs at ScS. Our collections include an impressive choice of sofa sizes to compliment all living spaces, including 2 and 3 seater sofas, corner sofas, sofa beds and more, with manual and power recliner options available for optimum comfort. Many of our suites are complete with coordinating chairs and practical footstools. Take a look at our range of gorgeous grey fabric sofas and add a timeless piece to your living space that will never go out of style.
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Living Aspen Fabric 3 Seater Standard Back Sofa | Aspen Sofa Range | ScS
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Living Abbey Fabric 3 Seater Sofa | Abbey Sofa Range | ScS
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Was £ 1,399 Sale £ 695

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Living Esme Fabric 2 Corner 2 Sofa | Esme Sofa Range | ScS
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Was £ 1,249 .99

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Living Margo Fabric 3 Seater Sofa | Margo Sofa Range | ScS

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Maddie Fabric 3 Seater Scatter Back Sofa | Maddie Sofa Range | ScS
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Was £ 549

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Ross Fabric 3 Seater Standard Back Sofa | Ross Sofa Range | ScS

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Chicago Fabric 1 Corner 2 Left Hand Facing Chaise Sofa | Chicago Sofa Range | ScS

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Theo Fabric 3 Seater Standard Back Sofa | Theo Sofa Range | ScS

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Piper Fabric 3 Seater Scatter Back Sofa | Piper Sofa Range | ScS

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La-Z-Boy Tamla Fabric 3 Seater Sofa | La-Z-Boy Tamla Sofa Range | ScS

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Living Ellie Fabric 2 Seater Standard Back Sofa | Ellie Sofa Range | ScS
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Choosing the right size

We have a wide selection of sofas available in different shapes and sizes to suit all spaces. The size you choose will mostly depend on how much space you have available in your home. If you have a room on the smaller side, you may want to opt for a cosy 2 seater option. A traditional 3 seater will offer more seating room or, if you have a larger space, a 4 seater will allow ample room to stretch out. We also have a fantastic collection of L-shaped sofas to fit the whole family. A contemporary corner settee is perfect for longer lounging and accommodating extra guests. We also have compact chaise options – a great choice for a smaller space. Or how about practical modular sofas, which can be carefully configured to fit perfectly to any room shape. Whether you’re replacing a single piece or upgrading to a full sofa set, we have options to fit all spaces. Many of our ranges also include coordinating chairs and footstools, so you can complete your seating collection with a full matching suite. All of our sofas’ dimensions are on their dedicated product pages, along with a handy Fitting Guide, which includes advice on measuring up for your new piece of furniture.

What style should I choose?

Our ranges come in a huge variety of stunning colours and designs to complement all interior decors and backdrops. Choose the cool shades of grey for a contemporary vibe or choose cream for a classic look. Perhaps you prefer a bold shade of blue; or go on-trend with a green sofa. If a block colour doesn’t take your fancy, we also have plenty of attractive patterns available. Bring the outside in with a beautiful botanical design or add some visual interest with a striped or checked option.

We have an impressive selection of styles available, from high backed choices for added support to retro-inspired designs, or how about a timeless Chesterfield sofa, with distinguished back button details and scrolled arms? Many of our collections also come in a choice of either standard back or scatter back for added character and comfort. We also have manual and power recliner options, so you can sit back and relax in ultimate style. With sofas for everyone, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your individual style in our vast selection.

Choosing the right fabric

Our sofas come excellently upholstered in a wide range of high quality, hardwearing materials – from indulgently soft-touch fabric like chenille to luxurious plush velvet for a touch of grandeur. With plenty of durable options available, you’ll even find sofas that are robust enough to handle busy households – ideal for those with children and pets.

Made to last

Expertly made, many of our collections are manufactured right here in the UK, bringing you superbly made British products, carefully designed and crafted by highly skilled UK-based specialists.
You’ll also be pleased to know that all of our sofas come with a lifetime frame guarantee, offering you extra peace of mind that you’ll be able to love your new addition for many years to come.

Caring for your sofa

Once you have your lovely new piece of furniture in your home, you’ll want to make sure you look after it so it stays in great condition for as long as possible. When ordering your chosen item, you’ll have the option of purchasing a fabric care kit, which includes specialist cleaning solutions and sponges needed for dealing with any spills and stains. To keep it looking sprightly, make sure you plump your cushions regularly. You can find useful information and advice in our fabric care guide. We also have Premium Sofa Guard protection, which offers 5 years protection against accidental damage for absolute peace of mind.

Explore our range of fantastic fabric sofas to find the perfect one for your home or visit our Inspiration Hub for advice and buying guides.

Fabric Sofa FAQ's

A Scatter back sofa is perfect for lounging around and can help create more space on your sofa with its loose back support cushions while a standard back offers more support and also requires a lot less maintenance as the cushions do not need regular plumping and re-shaping.
All our fabric sofas come with fibre seats as standard with the option to upgrade to a foam interior. Fibre filled seats are soft and squashy whereas foam interiors offer a firmer sit and provide more body support. Also, because of the way a foam interior is structured, the seat cushions will not change its shape avoiding the need for regular fluffing and plumping of the seats.
We also have a whole host of different fabric types available meaning we have every need covered for your new sofa. We have numerous velvet and chenille fabric sofas which are great for making a statement in your living room as they catch the light differently really making your new sofa stand out. If a cosier fabric is more your style, we also have a selection of jumbo corduroy fabric sofas which are perfect for snuggling in and watching endless boxsets. With all of our fabric types available in a wide range of colours, you’ll be sure to find your dream sofa here at ScS.
Fabric sofas are not as resilient to liquids as leather sofas and need a bit more TLC especially when it comes to spills. Over the years our teams have encountered everything from tea and juice spills to champagne and bolognaise, that’s why we created and recommend purchasing our professional fabric sofa cleaning kits to ensure you have every best chance of getting up those pesky stains. The kit – along with rapid action – is usually enough to keep you sofa looking new. To give you total peace of mind we also offer Premium Sofa Guard.premium sofa guard for fabric sofas is designed to offer a thorough level of cover, including taking care of the costs of professional stain removal should the worst happen.
Absolutely. Giving your fabric sofa a good vacuum is the best way of removing dirt, dust and any other loose particles. For a real deep clean, after vacuuming we also recommend you give it a steam clean to really freshen up the fabric. Once the sofa has air dried, we suggest giving it another once over with the vacuum to ensure any particles loosened by the cleaner is removed.
In order to really maintain your sofa and home, you should give it a deep clean at least once a year. This will keep your sofa clean, fresh and also much more durable, lasting much longer. If stains and other soils are left untreated for a long period of time, this can lead to damage to the fibres of the sofa.
If you have pets, fabric is a great option as leather sofas tend to scratch and tear with their claws. We would however recommend regular claw maintenance to avoid potential fabric snagging.
When using any cleaning or fragrance products on your sofa which are not ScS recommended, make sure to test them first on a small part of the sofa which is not visible, to ensure these do not stain or damage the sofa.