Add a practical storage solution to your living space with a stylish sideboard. At ScS, we understand the importance of practical storage options that not only store your items safely but also seamlessly blend into your home's décor. Which is why it’s important to choose the one that’s just right for your living space. Our collection of sideboards is designed with functionality and visual appeal in mind. A classic essential for any living room, a sideboard offers the perfect place to put items you prefer to keep hidden while adding a touch of sophistication to your home.

When it comes to sideboards, we take great pride in offering a wide selection that caters to various spaces and interior styles. Whether you lean towards classic wooden ranges that exude timeless elegance or prefer the sleek and contemporary look of high gloss designs, our collection has something for everyone. For those seeking a touch of modern industrial charm, we offer sideboards with industrial and chrome details that add a modern edge to your living space. With our diverse range of options, you can find the ideal sideboard that not only meets your storage needs but also serves as an attractive feature in your home.

We understand that living spaces come in all shapes and sizes. That's why our sideboards are available in different lengths to suit different spatial requirements. If you have limited space, a slim line sideboard can effortlessly fit into an alcove, maximising storage without sacrificing style. On the other hand, if you have ample space to work with, our larger sideboards offer extensive storage capacity, allowing you to neatly organise and store books, music, toys, and other items. Regardless of your space limitations, our collection ensures that you can find the perfect sideboard that perfectly complements your home and enhances its organisation.

In addition to a variety of sizes and styles, our sideboards are available in an impressive range of colours and designs. We understand the importance of finding the right match for your interior backdrop, and that's why we offer such a wide selection of versatile options, such as grey finishes that effortlessly blend with any décor or darker options to make a style statement. If you prefer the warmth and charm of natural elements, our light and dark wood options provide a traditional and timeless appeal. For those seeking a touch of luxury, our sideboards with sophisticated marble effects add an elegant and refined touch to your living space. With our diverse range of shades, effects and designs, you can find the sideboard that perfectly complements your existing decor and enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

Originally used as a place to keep dinnerware out of sight, the sideboard is a multifunctional piece of furniture and can be used to hide a multitude of items. A sideboard can also double up as a bookcase, neatly storing your favourite reading material away, or a place to keep treasured family photo albums. It could also be used as a TV stand and used to store DVD’s, CD’s, games consoles and other media devices. A sideboard can also be used to house children’s toys and blankets when not in use or being played with. Use the top of your sideboard to display items. Things like photographs in frames, potted plants, ornaments and tables lamps can be curated to make an attractive and homely arrangement.

Many of our sideboards are part of a range of living and dining sets, so you can choose perfectly matching items to create a streamlined look through your living spaces. From coffee tables and bookshelves, to dining tables and chairs, TV stands and console tables.

Explore our impressive selection of sideboards and discover the perfect addition to enhance your living space. Our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality means each sideboard meets our high level of excellence, craftsmanship, and design. From the materials used to the beautiful finishes, every aspect of our sideboards is carefully considered to provide you with a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time and enhance the aesthetic of your living area.

Investing in a sideboard from ScS means investing in a storage solution that seamlessly integrates into your living space, combining functionality and style. Our sideboards are designed to improve your home's organisation and create a clutter-free environment while adding a touch of elegance and charm. Browse our impressive selection today and discover the right sideboard to transform your living space into a haven of style and organisation.

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Lisbon Small Sideboard | Lisbon Furniture Range | ScS
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Archie Sideboard | Archie Furniture Range | ScS

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Lisbon Large Sideboard | Lisbon Furniture Range | ScS
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Aruba Sideboard | Aruba Furniture Range | ScS
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Temple Sideboard | Temple Furniture Range | ScS

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Jaipur Sideboard | Jaipur Furniture Range | ScS

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Porto Silver Sideboard | Porto Furniture Range | ScS
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Was £ 1,499

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Sideboard FAQ's

Perfect in any room of your choice, bedrooms, offices, hallways - its entirely up to you, shop the look here at ScS with our wide range of styling sideboards.
A sideboard has multiple uses, perfect in bedrooms for storage, ideal for storing your home office supplies. You could even look to use one of our marble sideboards as a mini-bar to impress your guests.
The choice is yours, there are so many ways to decorate your sideboard, including displaying ornaments or flowers, or double us as somewhere to keep and present your condiments at dinner time! The choices are endless.

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