Sofabed & Recliner Sofa Care Guide

Before using your new recliner sofa or sofa bed, please take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully, as the mechanisms used can be very different from one recliner or sofa bed to another.

Adjusting your recliner sofa

If you have ordered a recliner sofa, please note that our recliners are set into a particular reclining position in the factory during the manufacturing process. You may find that adjustments may be needed for your comfort after we have delivered the furniture to your home.

If you feel that your recliner needs to be adjusted, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0191 5219521, who will be pleased to arrange for an expert upholsterer to come to your home to make the necessary adjustments. This service will be free of charge, as it is carried out to ensure that you can fully enjoy your new ScS recliner.

Caring for your sofa

All of our recliners and sofa beds have been made to withstand their typical use, but please take the following precautions when using your furniture:

  1. Make sure that children and animals are at a safe distance when opening and closing your recliner or sofa bed
  2. Never leave a recliner in the reclined position when it isn’t in use
  3. When operating the reclining action on a chair or sofa, please ensure that you sit right back
  4. Don’t sit on or lean over the arms as this can twist the frame and prevent it from working in the future
  5. Don’t allow young children to operate reclining furniture unless they are supervised by a responsible adult
  6. Please remember that sofa beds are designed and intended only for occasional use. Using your sofa bed more than this may cause premature wear to the mattress and frame
  7. Although the mechanism of a sofa bed is manufactured to high specifications, please don’t sit on the edge of the bed once it has been opened as this may lead to the frame bending

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