How to style your sofa bed

Your sofa bed no longer needs to be pushed into a corner, make it the focus of your room with our handy styling tips…

How to transform a spare room with a sofa bed

Make your spare room something special with our range of stylish sofa beds.

Transforming your spare room into a guest room often involves having to buy two pieces of furniture: a bed and a sofa. So why not buy one multi-purpose piece instead? That way, when you don’t have guests over to stay, it can double as an extra seating area for the family. They’re versatile pieces of furniture that can be used for a variety of different purposes, making them perfect for a busy home. 

How to make the most of your sofa bed

While our comfy sofa beds are straightforward to operate (many with a click-clack mechanism), you can spend time getting them just right with unique cushions and throws as well as other decorative accessories. So whether you prefer classic neutrals or eye-catching patterns, there’s something out there to suit every interior style.

How to style your sofa bed

When styling your sofa bed, you’ll want to ensure that it looks great whether it’s being used as part of your living room or when transformed into a guest bed. 

If you have an open-plan space, consider blending in with the rest of the home for visual flow.

However, if you have more than one room, you may have more freedom to choose bolder colours and patterns for your sofa bed cover because it can be its statement piece when it’s not being used as a bed. 

Whether you’re working with an open-plan space or separate rooms, try to create designated areas for sleeping, relaxing and entertaining.

Anchor your sofa bed with end tables on either side which can be repurposed into bedside tables when in use and throw pillows on the back cushions to make it look more like a traditional sofa.

To further frame your space, add area rugs and other furniture pieces that help define each area.

Styling for children

So you’ve got little ones stopping over for a night or two and you want to make them feel as at home as possible.

Children love bright colours and fun bedding, so incorporate patterns such as polka dots, stripes or checked. Perhaps add some fun character cushions too to give the room some life and personality.

Be sure to incorporate some low-level lighting in the form of a floor or table lamp as they may want to keep a light on through the night.

Overall, keep it a fun, light and bright space with sunny colours such as yellows and oranges as these instantly inject warmth.

Styling for friends

When your friends come to stay you want them to feel as comfortable as possible and provide them with a cosy place to rest their heads.

Style it up with simple accessories for a contemporary vibe such as abstract artwork and geometric printed furnishings.

Adding little touches such as a side table to place their things on makes the world of difference to their stay as they’ll really appreciate the attention to detail.

What’s more, your sofa bed will be even more comfortable with some lovely fresh sheets on – they’ll be amazed at how good of a night’s sleep they get! 

Styling for relatives

Styling for relatives of all ages may seem tricky but we’re here to help.

Keep them cosy with chunky blankets or throws they can reach for if they get a little chilly in the night.

Ensure it’s comfortable with ample cushions and pillows to pick and choose from if they find they need some extra support or cushioning. 

Many sofa beds are versatile neutral shades such as grey and beige, you can easily jazz it up with velvet upholstered cushions for added texture, colour and warmth depending on your existing interior scheme. 

By now you should feel equipped and confident in styling your own sofa bed for whoever stops over.

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Published: 10th June 2022