Where to put console tables

Traditionally found in hallways, console tables have evolved to become a trending piece of furniture in recent years, so much so, they’re a key feature in most homes now.

Extremely versatile, console tables are one of those items you never get bored of. Why? Because most are streamlined enough to move around from room-to-room whenever you have the urge to move things around.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why they’re so on-trend right now. We also know, simply from our current range of console tables, that there’s a design to meet everybody’s taste. Traditional wooden, metal and marble effect, stop-and-stare circular, curved legs, plinth style, the design choices are extensive and growing by the day.

Options aside, where do you fit in the whole console table equation?

Maybe you’ve had one for several years and aren’t convinced that its current location is doing it justice? Or you could be shopping around for your first ever console table and want to make sure it looks fantastic in your home?

The good news about console tables is they’re incredibly versatile pieces of furniture. You can put them in most spaces and they’ll look stunning, especially if you’ve gone for an all-out decorative piece. 

Where should console tables be placed?

Console tables look great in most places, but can actually look stunning in certain locations. Because of this, it really does pay to think about where your console table is going to go before you buy it. Impulse buys are great and all, but you may well end up with a console table that doesn’t truly belong in your home because it doesn’t fit or go with anything else.

7 excellent console table locations:

1. Underneath a high windowsill

Location: Living room, dining room or any other room with a high windowsill

Console tables look great in front of a window, especially a bay window where there’s a ready-made alcove for it. The window is already a key feature, and putting an eye-catching console table underneath it will make it even more of a feature!

Try not to over-decorate it though; if you do this, it’ll end up competing for attention against your window. (Top tip: Avoid putting tall and chunky objects on it that may obstruct your view).

2. Inside an alcove 

Location: Dining room or living room

Alcoves, new and old, were made for console tables. Slotting your table into an alcove effortlessly makes more of the piece, not to mention helps save on space too because it’s not jutting out into the room.

3. Behind the sofa 

Location: Living room

Console tables look superb in most living rooms, providing you have enough room. Putting one right behind your sofa is an excellent way of putting that empty space right behind your sofa to good use. It also helps make that area more of a focal point too, especially if you use your table to display ornaments.

4. Next to your dining table 

Location: Dining table or kitchen

Who said you can’t have a console table in your dining room or kitchen? We definitely didn’t! Putting a console table near your dining table will provide you with extra tabletop room for things that don’t necessarily need to be on your dining table.

Love entertaining? Why not turn your console table into a mini bar? (Top tip: buying a console table with drawers will give you somewhere to neatly store your cutlery, napkins, placemats and coasters out of sight).

5. On the landing 

Location: Landing 

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spacious landing, then you may be wondering what to do with it, bearing in mind it’s not actually a room. One of the best ways to put the space to good use, is to put a console table against one of the walls (ideally away from the stairs to avoid it being an obstruction). Decorate it with whatever you like - ornaments, plants, photos etc. You may even want to put a lamp on it, which will instantly make your landing feel more homely.

6. Underneath your TV 

Location: Living room 

You may not realise this, but console tables make really good TV stands. Their slimline design mean they’re a great platform for TVs without taking up too much room.

Make sure they’re not too slimline though, anything that’s not as wide as your TV won’t provide a stable base. Your console table needs to be the same width or a little bit wider than your TV.

And if you choose one with drawers, then you’ll have somewhere to hide all of your remotes and other devices away! 

7. In your bedroom/dressing room

Location: Bedroom, spare room, dressing areas 

Console tables can be used in all sorts of ways in bedrooms and dressing areas. If you have a large headboard that’s at both ends of your bed, a console table will look right at home at the foot of your bed. It will also turn your bed into more of a feature too.

Use it to display designer books or magazines, fragrances, favourite pieces of jewellery, some candles, a lamp or other decorative items.

Alternatively, if you put a console table against a wall, with a chair in front of it, and then put a mirror above it, you’ve got yourself a unique vanity area! The empty space that’s underneath is perfect for popping your feet under and tucking your chair away when you’re not using it.

Can you put a console table in a living room?


In fact, you’ll have spotted it’s one of the rooms we’ve mentioned as being the ideal place for a console table.

If you are thinking about putting a console table in your lounge, make sure you consider the rest of your décor first, and try to choose a design and materials that blend in with everything else.

From a practical perspective, measure the space where you’re thinking about having your console table, so that you get something with the right proportions, i.e. depth, width and height-wise.

Console tables are the one piece of furniture that never ceases to delight or amaze us! They’re capable of looking fabulous in most spaces, are easy to move, are available in so many different styles and materials, and are great space-saving items too. What’s not to love about them?

We love seeing our customers’ console tables in their home! We’d love to see what you decide to do too. Don’t forget to show us - follow us and share your pictures with us at #myScShome.

For more practical console table insight read, ‘How to style console tables.’

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Published: 14th April 2022