The hottest interior trends of Summer 2022

Together with our Interior Stylist, Vicki Foster, we’ve got plenty of styling tips and tricks to make sure you’re nailing all of these summer interior trends.

As we continue through the summer months, the interior design trends of 2022 continue to get hotter. It’s time to get ready for the new season and take a look at the trends that are set to dominate interiors this year.

1. Utilising colours and bold prints

We understand that some people are hesitant to embrace bold prints and colours because they think they might be too much for their space or that they won’t fit into their home décor theme, but we promise – there are so many ways you can incorporate these elements with a more subtle approach.

Colour is certainly here to stay. We’ll see bold hues like red, blue and green taking over our living rooms as well as a return to bright patterns in fabrics like stripes and checks. 

2. Outdoor living

For summer 2022, outdoor living is another one of the big interior trends.

This means adding more windows to your home so that you can enjoy your garden from inside the house. Let that morning sun shine through into your kitchen in the morning and you’ll fall even more in love with your home.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular as popular seek more time outdoors. This is why it’s not surprising outdoor kitchens, porches, patios and decks are all on the rise this year.

3. Self-care spaces

Self-care is one of the hottest interior design trends of 2022. You’ll see more and more spaces dedicated to self-care in your home.

These spaces are meant to be used as a retreat from work and stress, so they should have calming colours and textures like warm woods and soft fabrics.

Self-care spaces are designed to help you relax and recharge – and they can be as simple as a sunlit nook in your bedroom or an entire room dedicated to meditation and yoga practice.

You can even create a space within your existing home that helps you feel calm and rested by incorporating natural elements like waterfalls or plants into the design. 

Vicki has recommended some simple steps to curate your very own self-care space:

  • Create a zone in your home with partitions, curtains or screens – this can help cut off from the outside world and make things feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Add plants and a soft throw along with your favourite comfy chair
  • Get rid of the clutter – a cluttered room = a cluttered head space

It doesn’t have to be a large area just a quiet space to call your own, so whatever your budget this should be easily achieved.

4. Biophilic design

Biophilic design is all about bringing nature into your home.

Whether that means installing a skylight with views of trees outside or filling your space with plants, this trend is all about incorporating nature wherever possible so that you can reap its benefits daily!

Plants are not just gorgeous to look at and the perfect space filler, they also provide a natural air purifier for your home and help to lift your mood. As the Colour Physiology says - green is one of the most relaxing colours that restores your energy and helps clear your mind,” states Vicki.

Using natural elements in your home is becoming more and more popular every year, and 2021 was no exception. This trend will continue in 2022 as well – you’ll start seeing lots of greenery, plants, and even aquariums integrated into interior design. 

Biophilic design means creating environments that mimic nature in order to encourage relaxation and comfort in your home.

This can mean using natural materials like wood for flooring or incorporating plants into your decorating scheme wherever possible.

Vicki recommends the following colours to consider when decorating: “soft greens, light blues, lemon yellows, shades of brown, pinks, bright oranges and creams.

5. Maximising organisation

Maximising organisation is another major summer home decor trend in 2022.

Maximising your space means using every inch of your house efficiently so that you have everything at arm’s length when you need it most! 

In 2022 we’ll see more storage options available with items like under-the-table drawers or built-in wall units which will help keep things tidy without losing their style. 

6. Shades of green

One of the standout colour trends of 2022 is definitely green.

You’ll want to welcome it into your homes with open arms as it has revitalising and harmonious appeal – perfect for those spaces in your home you like to retreat to, such as your living room or bedroom.

Plus there’s a shade for everyone… from sage green to emerald green, each will have the same effect. 

Similar to Biophilic design, introducing natural tones of green into any room comes with many beneficial properties.

Satisfying that yearning for being outside and enjoying the beauty of nature indoors cannot be matched.

What’s more, adding real plants and greenery has been proven to work wonders for your wellbeing and mindfulness so of course we’d want to encourage that in our home.

7. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style has been popular for quite some time, but it’s especially trendy right now because it uses an elegant simplicity that feels both modern and timeless all at once.  

Scandinavian style is about neutral colours and minimalism. You’ll see lots of white walls and light wood floors, as well as lots of clean lines in the furnishings that mimic that of Scandinavian architecture. 

If you like things to have a place and home and you enjoy keeping things tidy, this trend will be for you. Scandi style thrives on minimal clutter and making the most out of simple solutions to keep things in order. 

You may be wondering how to achieve the perfect Scandinavian-inspired home, well we’ve enlisted the help of our Interior Stylist, Vicki Foster for some simple steps: 

  • Use muted neutrals shades such as whites, greys and tans. Light wood flooring and wood furniture complement whites very well and brings a sense of calmness to any room. Light wood flooring also brightens up your space and makes it look bigger.
  • Cluttered spaces are a big no-no, keep things organised.
  • Scandinavians’ love for nature and spending time outdoors is also reflected in their interior design style. Add plants and fresh flowers to keep the outdoors/indoors theme and as always lots of natural light.
  • Clean lines, rounded edges and tapered legs are common characteristics of stylish Scandinavian furniture. Keep it simple.
  • Scandinavians love hosting friends and family at home, it is their way of celebrating. Therefore, a large or extendable dining table is commonly found in Scandi homes
8. Minimalist designs

Minimalist design is another big trend for 2022.

It is all about choosing your pieces wisely – similar to Scandinavian styling. You’ll see lots of space between pieces of furniture – no clutter or overcrowding.

That’s why we’re seeing more of a pull towards open plan living with fewer walls separating rooms (or even rooms that don’t have any walls at all). 

Minimalist designs go hand-in-hand with Scandinavian style, but they can also stand on their own. They’re characterised by simple lines and neutral colours that create an airy, open feel in any room. 

It is all about letting your personality shine through with minimal distractions – and that’s what makes it so appealing.

"A good starting point is to take a good look at all of your existing décor, assess what you have and what you really want to keep,” advises Vicki. 

If you are worried that your room has lost its cosy feel once you have minimalised then a good way to handle this is to add different textures to create interest rather than clutter.

Chunky throws with boucle cushions are a good choice and avoid prints that are too busy.” 

A simple colour palette helps you focus on the things that matter most in your space (like your favourite art or photos), while clean lines allow everything else to fade into the background.

When done right, minimalist designs can be incredibly eye-catching.

9. Curvaceous choices

With roots that date back to the ‘70s, curved furniture has now come back around again.

You may have noticed there’s been a shift towards rounded shapes in interiors to break up the boxiness of common room shapes.

More geared towards comfort and adding a level of softness, it’s easy to see the appeal of this trend.

From curved and cocoon-shaped seats such as our Sophia Malia Accent Chair to our Elsa Round Dining Table with a contemporary, on-trend look and feel, if you're looking for a curved sofa, check out the Flo range.

There are plenty of options to choose from if this style ticks your boxes. 

10. Mid-century modern

Before the rise of curved furniture, mid-century modern furniture was all about straight, clean lines. This style is a throwback to designs from the ‘50s and ‘60s – think modern furniture but with a retro feel. 

Mid-century modern designs were all over social media last year – and for good reason! Their clean lines and bold colours are easy to incorporate into any space without going overboard or feeling too dated (as some retro styles might).

This style has been around for decades, but it’s making a comeback in a big way for 2022.

If you love bold colours, geometric shapes, and clean lines – you’ll love this trend. 

From outdoor living to minimalist design and from utilising shades of green to the retro colours popular in mid-century modern style, there’s a trend everyone can get behind for 2022. 

Published: 22nd July 2022