How to care for your sofa bed

It is important to know how to look after your sofa bed so you can keep it looking it’s best for longer. For tips on general care and protecting your sofa bed, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for my advice on taking care of your sofa bed.

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What to do before using your sofa bed

Before using your new sofa bed, please take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully, as the mechanisms used can be very different from one sofa bed to another.

Caring for your sofa bed  

The longevity of your sofa bed will depend on how often it is used. To ensure your sofa bed withstands daily wear and tear, there are a few steps you can follow to ensure it stays fit for purpose for longer: 

  1. Please remember that sofa beds are designed and intended for occasional use only. Using your sofa bed more than this may cause premature wear to the mattress and frame
  2. Please don’t sit on the edge of the bed once it has been opened as this may lead to damage to the frame
  3. Only use the mattress provided by the manufacturer as using another mattress will void your warranty and could stress the mechanism
  4. It’s important to limit the amount of direct or prolonged sunlight your sofa is exposed to as this can cause colour fading

How to clean a sofa bed

Use my handy everyday cleaning tips to keep your sofa bed looking pristine:

  1. Vacuum the sofa cushions frequently on a low setting
  2. Remove any dust or debris with a clean, soft brush
  3. Check the instructions on the care label to check if the cushion covers are machine washable 
  4. Tend to any spillages as soon as possible by blotting them with a clean, dry cloth 
  5. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your sofa bed and recommended cleaning products 

More tips for keeping your sofa bed in good condition:

• Plump up your cushions daily to prevent them from going flat and help them retain their shape. Watch our Sofa Plumping video for advice on keeping your cushions comfortable and supportive.

• Avoid vacuuming the mattress as this could disturb the distribution of the fillings

• Try to keep children from jumping on the sofa bed as this could lead to damage to the frame and mattress

• Avoid sitting on the arms of the sofa bed as this could compromise the frame

• Try to keep pets off your sofa bed to avoid snags and claw marks

• Place your sofa bed away from radiators and fireplaces to avoid heat damage to the fabric

I hope you have found my advice for looking after your sofa bed helpful. Looking for tips on how to style your sofa bed for different guests? Check out our guide for making your sofa bed look inviting for guests.

Paul O'Reilly

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Upholstery Service Manager

at ScS

28th April 2022

With over 30 years of experience working within Upholstery and nearly 20 years of service at ScS, Paul knows a thing or two about sofas. Along the way, Paul has trained in all areas of upholstery, modern and traditional, antiques and factory-produced pieces, creating, and restoring. Paul is passionate about making sure upholstery is properly cared for. His top tip is to care for the cushions on your sofa like you would do your pillows on the bed; dress them, plump them, smooth them and turn them. Spending just 5 minutes a day can keep you sofa looking its best.