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Meet the new nature-inspired trend taking TikTok by storm: Forestcore. But what is it and how do you get the look in your home? Get ready as I explore the hype around forestcore and how to take on the style.

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A twist on the timeless botanical trend, forestcore – the latest outdoor-influenced aesthetic to enter the interior world – leads down a darker, moodier path, swapping fresh florals and pretty pastels for a wild woodsy vibe.  

What is forestcore?

Inspired by the biophilic design, forestcore takes on a whimsical, liberating feeling, reminiscent of being surrounded by nature.

Driven by a free-spirited approach, it sets to evoke a sense of the outdoors through the use of woodland-influenced furnishings and interior design. 

The long practise of nature-inspired décor is designed to connect us with nature, contributing to a sense of wellbeing and contentment.

Forestcore inspires a simple sanctuary, refined and stripped of modern entities – encompassing the warmth of home, with a rugged, wild edge.

Deep, dark colours, raw materials, and a mix of soft and hard textures combine to create a hibernated state and stillness associated with a forest.

Imagine a cosy cabin hidden in the woods, an open fireplace, homely plants and rustic features.

How to incorporate the look into your home

There are many ways the forestcore trend can be threaded through the home.

From adopting an earthy colour palette, to potted plants or furniture made from organic materials.

Let’s explore some of the ways to create your woodland wonderland:

Forest calling colours

Transform your space by adding dark, earthy tones.

Deep, mossy or sage greens are the obvious and most effective way to create a lush forest feel in your home.

Surprisingly versatile, green tones can be used as an all-over colour on walls or as a feature amongst neutral décor through furnishings, such as rugs or curtains.

Try our Plush rug in emerald to mimic a luscious landscape in a bedroom or living room.

Grounding rich browns will add a feeling of contentment and calm, whereas dashes of autumnal tones such as reds, yellows and oranges will add pops of colour, as in nature.

Leafy patterns and prints

Go full foliage with some lovely leafy wallpaper, tiles or even furniture.

I love the fern design on our Bloom sofa collection, with matching accent cushions to complete the look.

If wallpaper or furniture is too big a commitment, create the look with some woodsy-inspired cushions, curtains, accessories and prints.

Go potty with plants

Of course, the easiest way to add a living element to your home is with plants.

Real or artificial, plants add a sense of serenity to any space. Pop some potted plants on a mantelpiece or liven up a corner with the addition of a large leafed companion.

If you’re really ready to fall for the forest trend, make a big impression with a living wall. 

Furniture from nature

To truly celebrate nature, forestcore embraces items made from organic materials.

Think rustic wooden furniture, stone fireplaces and authentic slab designs. The pieces in our Mango lounge collection are crafted using tradition methods from wood sourced from mango trees.

For a more modern touch try our Aspect Console Table, which features a contemporary concrete top.

Play with texture

From plants, stone, wood, faux fur and jute, forestcore uses a combination of natural materials and huggable fabrics to induce a homely feel.

Don’t be afraid to indulge in a little luxury!

Plush fabrics like velvet or soft-touch chenille will add softness to a rugged room.

Try the velvet texture of our Ferndale range for an enticing addition.

Alternatively, the tantalising brown tones and sleek leather of our Brodie collection in Tuscan tan will add a sophisticated charm.

Fun with funghi

In the spirit of all things forest, mushroom motifs have been slowly sprouting up in homes.

From mushroom-mused wallpaper to cutesy accessories and mushroom-shaped footstools and lamps.

Whether you’re creating a whimsical forest feeling or just need a nod to the trend, adding some funghi features to your home is an easy win for creating some woodland vibes.

Mood(y) lighting

Complete your forbidden forest atmosphere with just the right light.

Sconces and table lamps are a great ways to create an ambient glow – imitating trickles of sunlight appearing through trails of trees.

The simple wooden twist design of our Tuscany Table Lamp will elegantly light the way.

Alternatively, add a sense of magic with some romantic twinkling fairy lights for an enchanted forest hideout.

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Victoria Foster

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Stylist & Visual Merchandiser

at ScS

2nd March 2023

Victoria is a stylist and merchandiser based at our in-house photo studio. Having been part of the ScS family since 2012, Victoria styles stunning home sets with the latest trends to showcase newly launched ScS products. With over 25 years of experience in styling and merchandising, she loves to keep an eye on the latest trends in the interior landscape. Victoria's favourite interior scheme is the Boho trend and loves to layer a mixture of different textures in her home. Her styling top tip is to always create a focal point in a room. Whether it’s a feature wall, a piece of artwork, or a bright patterned rug, having a focal point can help to drive the decisions on the rest of the rooms layout.