Top tips for spring cleaning your sofa

Ready for your annual spring clean? It’s around that time of year when we start to get the itch to have our house all set from top to bottom, ready to welcome in the warmer weather and lighter evenings.

Your living room may be a natural start as you likely spend a lot of your time in here – relaxing and entertaining. Particularly on your sofa as this is the central hub of your lounge. Though looking after it needn’t be a chore, as you’ll see with our handy top tips that’ll help you stay on top of your sofa maintenance, ensuring it stays looking its best for many years to come. 

7 Everyday care tips for your sofa

As the heart of your living room, your sofa goes through a lot during the day. Perhaps it’s your furry friend’s favourite place to nap or where you like to spend some downtime catching up on your favourite shows.

Keeping it in great condition can take just a couple of minutes of your day. Here is some everyday advice for keeping your sofa looking and feeling tip-top on a frequent basis:

  1. If your cushions are detachable, remember to plump them up weekly to keep the fillings in their fullest shape
  2. If your seats are removable then switch them from side to side to prevent any dipping in your usual spot 
  3. To keep your leather sofa looking taut, we recommend smoothing it out when needed as this will put air back into the cushions
  4. Try to avoid sitting on the arms or the front edge as this can accelerate the wear of your beloved sofa 
  5. If your seats are upholstered on both sides, regularly turn them as this helps retain their shape
  6. For maximum comfort sit centrally on the cushions as much as possible
  7. Should any snags appear, carefully cut them off with a sharp pair of scissors

Tips for cleaning your leather sofa

When it comes to a leather sofa clean, there are a few things to remember. Let’s take a look at the dos and donts for prolonging the beautiful appearance and comfort of your leather sofa. 


  • Gently vacuum your leather sofa with a soft brush attachment 
  • Always clean up any spillages with a clean, damp cloth as soon as possible 
  • Frequently plump up and rotate your sofa cushions to help maintain their appearance and durability
  • Pay attention to the front of your sofa arms as over time dulling and abrasion can occur if spills are left unattended 
  • Proactively protect your leather with specialist products, refer to your manufacturer’s guide if you’re unsure


  • Don’t let your leather sofa be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time as this can dull the colour 
  • Don’t overdo it with the cleaning products and particularly avoid detergent. To be on the safe side stick to the products included in our specialist leather care kit

Read our leather sofa care guide for more care tips.

Tips for cleaning your fabric sofa

Keep your fabric sofa looking and feeling its best by following our handy top tips on dos or donts when it comes to your upholstered furniture. 


  • Gently vacuum once a week with a soft brush attachment to remove any unwanted dust or debris 
  • Check whether the cushion covers are washable before putting them in the washing machine
  • Make sure to pay attention to the areas where natural oils can build up e.g. the headrest and arms
  • Make sure to use our specialist fabric care kit 


  • Don’t leave stains unattended for an extended period of time as this is when they become more difficult to remove 
  • Don’t rub too vigorously for fear you may force the stain even further into the fabric and this can even result in wearing the affected area 
  • Don’t use hot water or a sodden cloth, only use a damp cloth when treating stains or spills 
  • Read our fabric sofa care guide for more helpful care tips.

Hopefully, by now you feel well equipped with all of the need-to-know top tips for keeping your leather or fabric sofa looking as good as new for many years to come.  

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Published: 28th April 2022