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6 cosy lounge ideas

Turn your living space into a homely haven with the help of my cosy lounge ideas.

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Whether you’re putting your feet up at the end of a long day, entertaining friends or watching a movie with a loved one, our living rooms are the setting for enjoying times of relaxation.

Creating a cosy living space is key to the comfort of your sitting room and I have lots of ways to make the space warm and inviting.

1. Snuggly seating

Big, cosy sofas make the best hideouts. Think of fabric that helps you relax. Is it luxurious leather, sumptuous chenille or perhaps plush velvet?

You may want a sofa you can sink into or something with more support. The idea is that you tailor your living space so it’s comfortable to your liking, so choose a sofa that matches your style.  

Also, think about the size of your sofa for your room. An oversized sofa may dominate the space and make it feel smaller, leaving less room to walk around.

If you have a smaller sized room, can you make do with a cosy and compact 2-seater sofa? Compact corner sofas are great space-savers and allow for extra seating (or room to stretch out!).

Adding different textures will also enhance cosiness, so fill your sofa with a range of cushions and add a chunky throw for those chilly evenings.

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2. Warm and welcoming colour scheme

Create a cosy atmosphere using a bold colour palette and deep, saturated shades.

Think rich burgundies, deep blues, warm greens and dark greys to add depth and intimacy.

If you have a pale décor, use accessories such as curtains, cushions, rugs and artwork to introduce warmth.

This may be a better option for smaller rooms where a darker colour scheme could make the room feel confined. 

3. Layer textures and fabrics

Surround yourself with lots of layers and different materials. Organic fabrics are a great way to help you relax as they create a sense of nature.

Traditional wooden furniture creates a rustic, relaxed feel. Add a honey-toned coffee table or floating wooden shelves for a cosy cabin feel.

Add cosy elements through the use of soft furnishings - a plush, high pile rug, knitted throws, and soft cushions with different prints and patterns for a visually interesting and quirky-cool edge.

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4. Keep it tidy

We all have a little clutter lying around. However, clutter can make a room feel untidy, which can create stress.

Kerbing the clutter is key to keeping a living room cosy and creating a tranquil atmosphere.

There are plenty of stylish storage solutions for hiding your items when relaxing time rolls around. A sideboard that won’t take up too much space is ideal if you have a small cosy living room.

Choose a coffee table that has drawers in for tidying away remotes, magazines and other items.

If you have children and don’t want boxes of toys on show, a beautiful blanket box will provide ample space for storing toys when playtime is over. 

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5. Homely accessories

Creating a space that is personal to you is essential when thinking about cosy living rooms. Give your room the feel-good factor with some carefully chosen ornaments that make it feel homely.

Vases for filling with fresh flowers, sentimental pieces, family photographs and even potted plants are a great way to create a content space. 

Scented candles are also a fantastic addition. Choose a scent that welcomes you as it wafts through the air and let lighting the wick as you curl up with a book be your signal to relax.

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6. Ambient lighting

Set the mood in your cosy living room with a warm glow and layered lighting. Getting the light right in your living room will set the tone for the atmosphere, so it’s essential to consider it well.

When the living room ‘big light’ is too much for an intimate cuddle on the sofa, some soft ambient lighting will be a welcome addition.

Opt for floor lamps and table lamps to create variable light that you can turn on (or off) depending on the mood and scenario. 

Real home inspiration

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We hope we have given you some great cosy lounge ideas to turn your home into a sumptuous sanctuary.

Victoria Foster

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Stylist & Visual Merchandiser

at ScS

12th May 2023

Victoria is a stylist and merchandiser based at our in-house photo studio. Having been part of the ScS family since 2012, Victoria styles stunning home sets with the latest trends to showcase newly launched ScS products. With over 25 years of experience in styling and merchandising, she loves to keep an eye on the latest trends in the interior landscape. Victoria's favourite interior scheme is the Boho trend and loves to layer a mixture of different textures in her home. Her styling top tip is to always create a focal point in a room. Whether it’s a feature wall, a piece of artwork, or a bright patterned rug, having a focal point can help to drive the decisions on the rest of the rooms layout.