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Freshen up your home with our decorating tips and top furniture picks for green living rooms. We love @sheffieldsemi1930s' green feature wall

Out with the grey and in with the green. It would seem the never-ending grey trend has been replaced by an invigorating alternative. Just as versatile as the cool and contemporary grey, green offers a dynamic and uplifting choice for homes, with a huge variety of inviting tones – from soft soothing shades to vivacious hues. Here, we explore the green trend and find out how you can add some gorgeous garden-inspired tones to your living space.

What does the colour green represent?

Often associated with a sense of serenity, shades of green evoke a feeling of calm and tranquillity.

The earthy, organic tones thought to harness our evolutionary need to be at one with nature – soothing the mind and creating a restful atmosphere.

A perfect choice for creating a peaceful sanctuary.

Decorating with green

Whether you want to create a harmonious haven or brave some vibrant vibes, there are plenty of green shades to choose from to inject a lease of life into your home.

A subtle shade of green will add a relaxing feeling to any space. Give your living room a fresh feel with a pale shade of mint or pistachio, or for a more intimate atmosphere, try warmer shades like sage and olive.

If you want a modern dark green living room, rich distinctive tones such as emerald or forest green will give your lounge an opulent aesthetic.

Alternatively, choose the green-blue hues of a tantalising teal for a slight twist on the trend, or lively lime for a hit of sunshine. 

Perfect pairs

The great thing about green is the way it compliments so many other colours.

Surprisingly versatile, green can be matched with other shades to create a dreamy combination and enviable décor scheme.

Style green with neutral colours like white, cream and beige to create a calming spa-day effect.

Another popular pairing for green is a beautiful blush pink, which adds a pretty contrast to both paler and darker shades of green, or try a lovely lilac or lavender for a touch of country cottage charm.

Alternatively, a green and grey living room has a certain sophisticated and mature edge. 

Green also works beautifully with wood and pairs perfectly with a wood-clad wall - an interesting alternate to paint.

Green feature wall

Green living room walls are a great way to add some colour to your home. But, if you don’t fancy the idea of an all-over olive living room you can always opt for a vibrant feature wall. 

Bring some tropical paradise vibes to your living room with some luscious leafy wallpaper or add some groovy green geometric designs for a retro look.

If you’re feeling brave, paint an accent wall in a bold block of colour, such as an eye-catching peacock, otherwise, a soft sage will look just as striking against neutral décor and furnishings. 

 Furniture for a green living room

Due to its many striking shades, there aren’t many furniture designs that don’t blend beautifully with a green colour scheme. 

Wooden designs are a very popular choice with a green backdrop. Just as green is a colour of nature, wood is an organic earth material, which is most likely why it matches so magically with an earth colour.

Wooded furniture with clean, simple lines are often used for a minimalist look, emulating a Scandinavian style for a classic, fuss-free feel.

Generally speaking, light wooded furniture is a brilliant balance for a light green living room, whereas rich, dark wood offers a touch of opulence to a dark green lounge.

For a more contemporary living room, try edgy industrial style furniture featuring wooden tops and black metal legs.

Here are our suggestions for furniture to complement green living rooms: 

Green sofas and chairs

Go for bold with a statement green sofa.

Designed to be the focal point in any room, a glorious green sofa will steal attention and is guaranteed to be the envy of some green-eyed guests.

Here are our picks of some gorgeous attention-grabbing green sofas and chairs: 

Green living room accessories

If green walls and upholstery feel too committal, accessories are an easy winning way to add some pops of green to your living room.

Plotted plants are a great way to bring in some greenery and a sense of the outdoors.

Use soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs and other key accessories like lamps, vases and candles to add some lavish green elements.

Try our Plush Rug in green or emerald for a luxurious fresh feel.

Image credit: @happy_hyggehome

We love @happy_hyggehome’s use of green cushions, blanket and plants against a neutral colour palette.

If you’re looking for a collection of accent accessories to compliment a green colour scheme, wooded items will extend the natural aesthetic and feel of a space, whereas flashes of gold and brass will add a contemporary edge to your garden-inspired space.

Metallic touches also create an excellent contrast with a green background and add a glamourous element.

Here are our picks of accent accessories to make your green living room come alive: 

If this article has given you the green light to give your home a fresh makeover and you fancy adding a green sofa to your living room, check out our top green sofa picks and styling tips.