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5 simple ways to add personality to your home

Pack some personality into your home with 5 of my easy tips to help you create a space that reflects your unique style.

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It’s the place we retreat to at the end of a long day. The safe, welcoming space in which we relax, eat, sleep and entertain.

But, above all its functional qualities, your home should also project your style and capture your wonderful character.

Whether you’re into the minimalist trend or you love all things big and bold, your interior style is a great way to express yourself and show off your individuality.

If your home is feeling a little lacking in personality, here are my suggestions on simple things you can do to help give it a lease of life.

Pick your favourite colour

When it comes to decorating, surrounding yourself with a shade you love makes all the difference to how you feel in that space.

Whether you choose to go wall-to-wall with colour, add a pop of your chosen shade on a feature wall or some framed jazzy prints against a neutral backdrop, your chosen colour palette should be a select group of shades that make you truly happy.  

Looking beautiful in blue – @oshutthefrontdoor’s living room is saturated in personality with a blue colour scheme complemented by pops of bright pinks and yellow.

Image credit: @oshutthefrontdoor

Image credit: @victorian_home_style

Your style, your way

Trust your instincts when it comes to styling your home.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your home up-to-date with the latest interior trends, but don’t be tempted to choose a colour, wallpaper print or piece of furniture just because it’s in fashion. 

Trends tend to have short life-spans so it’s important to think carefully before taking the plunge into any styles, particularly ones that take things to the extreme, such as ultra-minimalism.

This trend takes the idea of a clean, paired back design to the next level by making everything the same shade of white or beige; from the floor to the sofa to the paint on the walls, all aspects of the room blend into one.

Some may say it’s avant-garde, others that it’s devoid of life and personality but overall, keeping to a theme this controlled doesn’t really gel well with everyday living.

Ultimately, the consensus is that you should choose something that you’re going to enjoy seeing every day and suited to your life – whether that’s contending with kids and pets, a working from home environment or a house made for regular hosting.

This elegant living room by @victorian_home_style is pup-approved!: 

Create spaces for your lifestyle

Whether you want a calming sanctuary or a home full of vibrancy, your space should reflect the kind of lifestyle you want to have.

If you’re a cosy-night-in person, you may want a big comfy sofa you can hide in at the end of a long day or snuggle up in on movie nights.

Or, if you enjoy holding regular dinner parties for friends, you may want to invest in creating a modern dining room with a large or extendable dining table, or maybe a kitchen island for casual cuppas and takeaways.

Whatever pieces you pick for your home, make sure they’re a little bit of you.

@mrstoppo have created a stylish and functional dining space – perfect for family meal times and socialising alike thanks to the Kristo dining set.

Image credit: @mrstoppo

Image credit: @milgarthhome

Sentimental pieces

Homes hold lots of special memories and having little reminders dotted around of happy times, holidays and familiar faces are a sure fire way to make you feel joyful and content in your surroundings.

Have fun filling your home with personal mementos. From photo collages and posters of favourite films or places you’ve visited to souvenirs and treasured trinkets.

@milgarthhome’s has a homely touch with shelves featuring framed prints and vinyl, and a jar of collected corks.

Say it with prints

Artwork and patterns are a fantastic way to sprinkle a little personality into your home and show off your unique style.

From pretty, framed prints to cool art-deco artwork. Use these to add pops of personality into each space within your home.

You could even have a different theme in each room to help define each area.

Try weaving patterns through your furnishings. Spruce up your sofa with some colourful cushions, or break up a neutral setting with a large, interesting rug to add a bold focal point to the room.

We love @ourhomecrowmere’s music gallery wall and cosy accent cushions.

Image credit: @ourhomecrowmere

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Victoria Foster

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Stylist & Visual Merchandiser

at ScS

1st June 2023

Victoria is a stylist and merchandiser based at our in-house photo studio. Having been part of the ScS family since 2012, Victoria styles stunning home sets with the latest trends to showcase newly launched ScS products. With over 25 years of experience in styling and merchandising, she loves to keep an eye on the latest trends in the interior landscape. Victoria's favourite interior scheme is the Boho trend and loves to layer a mixture of different textures in her home. Her styling top tip is to always create a focal point in a room. Whether it’s a feature wall, a piece of artwork, or a bright patterned rug, having a focal point can help to drive the decisions on the rest of the rooms layout.