5 small changes that make a big impact on your home’s look and feel

When you get the itch to change the look of a room your initial thought might be to redecorate the entire space, transforming it entirely so you no longer recognise what was previously there. 

However, it’s not always the answer...

When you spend a long period of time in one space it’s normal to want to change it up and revitalise it but it doesn’t mean you have to spend days to get it right.

There are ample ways to perk up a room without investing loads of your time. Quick wins that may only take an afternoon to pull off but will leave you feeling refreshed and the room feeling re-loved. 

With this in mind, our own Vicki Foster, Stylist has pulled together five small changes that can have a big impact on a living space. 

1. Create a feature wall

A fresh lick of paint or hanging some new wallpaper can go a long way – but it can be a lengthy job in itself. However, if you want to breathe some new life into a room changing just one way wall can help revitalise the space without taking hours out of your day. 

Changing the colour with some new paint or re-papering to create a feature wall can help shift the focus of the room and set the tone of the overall space. Going for a bold colour or pattern is ideal for making the biggest impact, just ensure it still ties in with your overall room style to avoid a clash.

2. Declutter to re-discover space

Whilst it’s not a changing the interior design, decluttering can be great for rediscovering and transforming your spaces. When you have a big clean out it allows you to re-evaluate your spaces and see things differently. 

A good declutter usually means you’re able to use space more effectively, creating cleaner and more airy zones that can be better enjoyed without being overloaded with clutter. Taking an afternoon out, putting on some music, and powering through can see you turn this around in a couple of hours and be feeling lighter in no time.

The key to decluttering is having a long term system that works for you, read our full guide for our best tips and tricks

3. Add a rug to bring a room to life

Rugs help tie a room together, making everything from the ground up feel cohesive. If you have a particularly clean and minimalist room, a vibrant rug can really help bring the space to life without actually changing much. 

What’s great about this hack is that, because you can swap and change rugs out as much as you want, you can keep your room feeling fresh and exciting throughout the year. 

4. Change your cushions to enhance the existing design

Redressing your sofa with some new cushions can take your sofa to the next level and help bring out certain elements of a room’s design. 

For example, if you’d like to add a floral touch to your living room, opting for a couple of botanical patterned cushions and a few green ones can help bring the theme to the area where people will spend the most time in when using that room. 

Experimenting with different colours and patterns that work well within the room also gives you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles in a low-risk, high reward way as if it doesn’t work, you can just change the cushions for something else. But if it does, you’re looking at a brand new statement on the focal point of your room.  

5. Mix up the layout to maximise the room’s potential

Mixing up the layout of your room can make you see the space in a new light; from allowing you to create new zones to changing the areas where the eye is drawn to, there are ample benefits to playing around with the furniture layout. 

Taking out a couple of hours in your day to shift furniture around could see you find a new love for your room and find out ways new ways to enjoy it. You can also unlock the space’s full potential and surprise yourself with just how much room you have to play with, regardless of its size.

Again, this is another example of how changing the look of a room can be like an exciting, creative puzzle that you get to enjoy solving. 

Selecting just one of these ideas can see huge benefits in changing the space around you. If you’d like more interior design support, read more of our articles in our inspiration hub

Published: 16th June 2022