Can you solve our six interiors-themed brainteasers?

We all know the frustration of losing something around your home, whether it’s your glasses, your phone or the remote control.

They normally turn up in the end, but you can spend hours searching under every cushion and in every drawer.

For a bit of fun, we’ve created six interiors-themed brainteasers where different items have gone missing!

Try and spot the subtle differences in puzzle number one, before seeking out the hidden items in the other images - how long will it take you to find them?

Find all six puzzles below and the answers at the bottom!

1. Spot the difference

In this puzzle, there are 15 differences between the top and bottom image - but how many can you spot?

On average, people can only find nine.

2. Let there be light

As the nights get longer, can you find the lamp among this sea of sofas? 70% of people can’t spot it within 30 seconds!

The average time to solve this puzzle is 37 seconds.

3. Lost control

Many of us turned to boxsets and films to see us through lockdown, but where have we left the remote? A third (33%) of people can’t find the remote control in under one minute.

The average time to solve this puzzle is 40 seconds.

4. On mute

We’ve all been there - you’ve lost your phone and you can’t ring it because you’ve left it on vibrate. So how quickly can you spot the phone in this messy playroom?

The best time so far is just five seconds! Can you beat that?

The average time to solve this puzzle is 15 seconds.

5. Odd one out

The most fiendish of them all! One of these cushions is different from all of the rest, but over 70% of people can’t find it - can you?

For those who do solve this puzzle, the average time is 34 seconds.

6. Sofa, so good

Doing ok so far? How about this one - can you spot the odd sofa in this furniture montage? Two in five people can’t find it in under 30 seconds.

The average time to solve this puzzle is 30 seconds.


















Did you find them all? Let us know @scssofas