Carpet Care Guide

After your carpet has been fitted, it is a good idea to establish a regular maintenance routine that will help your carpet to stay looking its best. You can find easy-to-follow tips from our carpet experts below.



Protect your carpet

At ScS, we understand that life can throw many things at your carpet – literally! So that you can be prepared, we recommend our ScS SOS Carpet Care Kit, available to purchase in store and online. 

Our SOS Carpet Care Kit includes:

  • Carpet stain away for removing fresh stains
  • Carpet stain remover for greasy stains
  • Ox cleaner for stains such as food, drink, urine and other stubborn stains


Colour matching

Please be aware that carpet samples may not always be an exact colour match to the finished carpet that you receive, as small changes in colour shades may occur from one production batch to another. Although the changes are usually only minimal, please do be aware that carpet samples should be used only as a guide to the finished product.



It is natural for new carpets to flatten slightly due to use, but there are certain things you can do to keep this to a minimum. Regular vacuuming not only removes dirt and dust from your carpet but also lifts the fibres back up, helping to keep your new carpet looking fresh and fluffy.

It is also a good idea to regularly move your furniture around, even by just a few inches, as leaving heavy items in one place for too long can flatten your carpet pile and leave a ‘dent’. To reduce dents and make it easier to move furniture around without damaging your carpet, we also recommend using floor protectors under the legs and wheels of your furniture.



Shedding is natural for new carpets, when loose fibres work their way to the surface. These are simply excess yarns and fibres and aren’t a defect in any way. Regular vacuuming will help to collect any loose fibres and in time you will notice that any shedding will have stopped.


Shading and pile reversal

Shading and pile reversal can occur on any type of carpet and gives the appearance of light and dark patches. Please be assured that this is normal and is a result of the carpet’s pile lying in different directions, creating a ‘shaded’ look. Small areas can be brushed back gently with your hand so that the pile all lies in the same direction.



‘Pilling’ is a term used to describe the small balls of fibres that collect on a carpet’s surface; a similar thing often happens to woollen jumpers after wear. Pilling is most often seen on loop pile and wool-blend carpets, and can be easily treated by simply snipping away the bobbles with a pair of household scissors.


Maintenance & cleaning tips

Carpets, by their very nature, stand up to a lot of heavy use, so it’s important to keep on top of caring for your carpet. Even though your carpet is designed to withstand many stains and spillages, they are still inevitable. So be sure to follow these simple steps:

Vacuum regularly

To keep your carpet looking it’s best for longer, ensure you vacuum it regularly. Try and do it often, to prevent build-up of soil particles in the pile. Pay particular attention to areas of heavy footfall such as doorways and at the foot of chairs or cupboards.

Periodical deep cleaning

It’s inevitable that dust and oil particles in the air will leave a dulling film on your carpet over time, and the best way to overcome this is by employing a professional cleaning company that will use cleaning solutions recommended for your carpets. We recommend that a professional clean is carried out at least once every two years.



Wear Warranty

At ScS, we will ensure that your carpet will last the duration of the guarantee, and that with regular maintenance your flooring will perform well.


Appearance such as flattening – the appearance of any carpet can be significantly improved with regular maintenance, Please refer to our carpet care guide for details on a regular maintenance routine that will help maintain the appearance of your carpet.

Stain Warranty

What is a stain?

The industry definition of a stain is a permanent transformation of more than one unit on the ISO-105 AO3 greyscale, a standard that is used to assess carpet staining. The ability to resist staining means the ability of the carpet pile to withstand or minimise permanent staining caused solely by foods or beverages. This warranty covers:

  • Cleaning costs, if a professional cleaner cannot remove the stain.
  • A new carpet of the same of similar quality if professional treatment cannot remove the stain.
  • Removal of your existing stained carpet.
  • Installation cost at a normal consumer rate, excluding extra costs of moving furniture.
  • Refund applicable only to the area or room directly affected.
  • Removal and installation costs limited to £3.00 per square metre.

    Conditions of the warranty:

  • For the warranty to be valid, you must retain your proof of purchase, the name and colour of the carpet and the price you paid per square metre.
  • This warranty only applies to carpets fitted in a single family residence and subjected to normal domestic wear.
  • All carpets must be fitted by a professional company registered to BS5325 (2017) standards to be eligible for cover by this warranty.
  • The warranty is only valid in the name of the first purchaser and is non-transferable. In other words if the carpet is re-sold by you, or the residence in which it is fitted is sold the warranty becomes invalid for the new owners of the carpet.
  • The carpet must be cleaned at least once every two years by a professional cleaning company.


  • All stains caused by non-food or non-beverage substances, for example, ink.
  • All pigment stains such as dyes contained in food and drink products, for example, mustard.
  • Discolouration of shading changes to the carpet due to normal everyday footfall soiling, crushing of the pile, abrasion or pile reversal.
  • Staining due to improper cleaning methods or use of any chemical application which is not recommended.
  • Staining due to abnormal use or conditions, including wilful acts of gross negligence.
  • Costs relating to the replacement of underlay and moving of furniture.

Please note: The stain warranty is only applicable to polypropylene carpets

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