Laminate Care Guide

Wood and laminate flooring are stylish and durable flooring options that are highly resistant to wear and tear, and much easier to clean than many other types of flooring. To make sure your new flooring stays looking its very best; please follow our simple care guide below.

It starts at installation

After your laminate or wood flooring has been fitted in your home, we’d recommend waiting at least 48 hours before mopping your floor. This will allow your floor to ‘settle’, and for any adhesive that we’ve used to fit your floor to dry thoroughly.


Don't over soak it

Whenever you clean your laminate or wood flooring, be careful not to use too much water. Excessive water can seep into the joins between the floorboards, causing damage which can build up over the years and result in you having to replace your flooring sooner than you’d hoped. Regular vacuuming, followed by a ‘once-over’ with a damp mop will keep your laminate or wood flooring perfectly clean and looking great.


Look out for spills

Make sure you wipe up and treat spills on your flooring, especially liquids, as soon as they happen. As we’ve already mentioned, excessive liquid can damage the floor’s surface and cause further problems in the long-term by seeping down between the joins. Use a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth to gently soak up the moisture, or dampen it slightly to remove tougher spills. Leaving spills for too long can cause permanent staining and affect the beautiful appearance of your flooring.


Use recommended cleaning products only

We recommend that you only use cleaning products that are made specifically for cleaning, treating and maintaining laminate and wood flooring. Regular waxes, bleach, strong solvents and abrasive polishes shouldn’t be used as they can damage your floor’s surface. When using a recommended floor cleaning product, make sure that you dry your floor thoroughly to remove any residue from the surface.


Protect your floors

To protect your flooring from furniture damage, we recommend using floor protectors underneath furniture legs and wheels to prevent scratching and avoid leaving indentations in your floor. Mats or rugs will help to trap dirt and stop it from spreading over your floor on the areas of your floor that get the most traffic such as doorways. For your safety, we would also recommend using anti-slip underlay beneath mats and rugs when using them on laminate or wood flooring, to stop them from slipping around when stepped on.

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