Luxury vinyl tiles buying guide

Luxury Vinyl Tiling, or LVT, is the latest big thing in the world of hard flooring. An affordable alternative to the real thing, LVT gives you the look of genuine wood, stone or marble but without the cost.

Available in a huge choice of finishes, when it comes to luxury vinyl tiles we’ve got you covered!

What you need to know

Multiple layers make this new product durable and water resistant, as well as warm underfoot, meaning it’s suitable for any room in your home. However, due to its inflexible nature, LVT is not suitable for stairs.

What makes it so good?

Our LVT range is especially popular amongst families with young children because of its resilience to the regular spills and messy play times which come with every day family life. A simple wipe clean and your LVT is back to looking as good as new!

Its scratch resistance and tough exterior also makes it a great option for homes with pets.

Making your style selection

When thinking about what type of LVT you want to purchase, you should consider the room it’s for and how often that room is used.

LVT is extremely hard wearing, which is why it’s so popular, but darker colours will work best in rooms with heavy footfall and the potential for more scuffs and spills.

Feature floors using patterned or tiled-effect LVT look great in spaces like kitchens and porches, whereas plainer, brighter colours will help to make your living areas appear larger.

Click system or dry back?

As well as being practical and durable, luxury vinyl tile flooring is easy to install.

Click system

With no need for adhesive, our click system ranges use a flexible locking method to create a floating floor.

Click system LVT can be used on top of concrete, floorboards or existing flooring s where needed. Just remember to always pair with ScS underlay, which comes with a built-in moisture barrier, for the perfect finish.

We’d recommend click system LVT for new build houses with newly laid concrete floors, due to the moisture within the floor being unsuitable for dry-back LVT.


We recommend that dry back ranges are installed by our ScS approved fitters. They’ll prepare your existing flooring then fix your chosen LVT securely on top to create a strong, hard-wearing floor that doesn’t move.

Caring for your LVT flooring

Once you’ve chosen your LVT and it’s fitted into place, you can keep it looking fresh and bright with our handy tips. See our LVT care guide for care advice.

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