7 of the best sideboards

Something that wouldn’t look out of place in Dot Cotton’s front room, sideboards have had a 21st century revival and are now being seen as more than just a storage solution. These days, sideboards are available in all sorts of different styles and finishes to complement any room.

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What do people use sideboards for?

A furniture staple that reportedly started to pop up in the UK from the 1770s, sideboards were traditionally used in dining rooms to serve food and display dishes, as well as for storage purposes.

Fast forward to the current day, and modern sideboards have become much more than just functional pieces; they’re a stylish addition to any home.

There are no rules to using them either. In fact, people put them to good use in all sorts of ways.

For instance, for:

● Displaying photos, ornaments and plants

● Office, bedroom and toy storage

● Room dividers

● TV/console units

● Dressing tables

● And even, mini bars! 

Can you use a sideboard as a dresser?


In fact, dressers and sideboards are pretty much the same thing, only sideboards tend to have smaller proportions, making them more suited to smaller spaces.

Using a sideboard as a dresser means you will lose the storage at the top, but then you can always potentially gain storage by choosing a drawer with lots of cupboards and drawers.

Can you use a sideboard in the kitchen?

Yes, you can.

Back in the early days of sideboards, they were a common feature in most dining rooms and kitchens. Having a kitchen sideboard isn’t a new phenomenon, especially given the fact they are essentially dressers without the top section.

7 of the best sideboards

1. Cruz Small 2 Door 1 Drawer Sideboard

Packed full of plenty of country-style character, this sideboard is a staple furniture piece that’s guaranteed to look great wherever you put it.

Chunky in all the right places, it’s a rustic-inspired investment with drawer and cupboard storage.

Only £ 389 .99

£ 10.83 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

2. Lisbon Small Sideboard

A contemporary update on the traditional sideboard, this small Lisbon sideboard features a modern light grey oak finish and linear design, as well as eye-catching, chrome effect legs.

It’s a real focal point piece of furniture.

Only £ 949

£ 26.36 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

3. Archie Sideboard

Bringing urban loft design to life, this Archie Sideboard is rustic with an industrial twist, thanks to the metal base.

Two cupboards and three drawers provide ample storage space, while the metal tab handles add an extra layer of warehouse chic detail.

Was £ 1,099
Was £ 1,099

Now only £ 999 .99

£ 27.78 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

4. Sisi Italia San Pietro Wide Sideboard

Minimalist, sizeable and with a high gloss design, this sideboard is guaranteed to look right at home against any contemporary backdrop.

Meanwhile, the generously-sized cupboard and drawers provide ample storage space.

Only £ 599 .99

£ 16.67 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

5. Endurance Diamond Wide Sideboard

Proof that sideboards are designed to be more than just storage units in the dining room or kitchen, this Endurance Diamond Wide Sideboard has all the wow factor.

It’s got something for everyone; a marble effect finish, walnut veneer grain effect drawers, stainless steel statement legs and a space in the centre that’s perfect for consoles;

it’s pushing all the design boundaries.

Offer must end soon

Endurance Diamond Wide Sideboard | Endurance Diamond Furniture Range | ScS
Was £ 779
Was £ 779

Now only £ 729 .99

£ 20.28 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

6. Brooklyn 1 Drawer 2 Door Sideboard

A really stunning sideboard, brimming with country character chic and featuring a warm oak finish, this sideboard looks modern (chrome handles) and traditional (chunky proportions), all at the same time.

Only £ 419

£ 11.64 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

7. Vidal Wide Sideboard

With its curved edges, feature chrome legs, high gloss finish and angled shelving section in the centre, this Vidal Wide Sideboard was made to be admired.

A real feature furniture piece, there’s plenty of display space on top and storage space on the shelves and in the side cupboards.

Offer must end soon

Vidal Wide Sideboard | Vidal Furniture Range | ScS
Was £ 779
Was £ 779

Now only £ 729 .99

£ 20.28 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

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