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7 stylish storage solutions for a well organised home

A place for everything and everything in its place? One of the biggest challenges in any home is the struggle for storage space. Join me as I explore some stylish storage solutions to keep your home clutter free.

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From kitchens and bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas, home offices and utility spaces, there are many rooms and areas in the home that have a battle for storage.

Finding homes for everything, particularly in compact spaces, can be a tussle. Luckily, I have some clever storage ideas for keeping your home neat and tidy with storage that not only serves a purpose, but looks good too!

Explore with me as I share our organisation tips to create a streamlined home.

Stylish storage solutions

Explore with me as I share our organisation tips to create a streamlined home.

1. Double duty furniture

If you have limited space to contend with, one way of saving on space is to double up on furniture usage by choosing pieces that have multiple purposes.

A coffee table with drawers or shelves can offer a great place to hide smaller items such as remotes, magazines, books and other knick-knacks that seem to knock around the living room (such as pens and notebooks).

Storage footstools are also a great source of storage and, if you get one big enough, you can use it as a coffee table too! Footstools come in all sorts of stylish fabrics and colourways.

Choose one that matches your sofa so it blends in effortlessly with your existing décor, or one in a contrasting fabric or colour to your seating for a stand out piece.

La-Z-Boy Madison Storage Footstool

2. Stylish sideboards

The trusty sideboard is one of those traditional pieces that any home is rarely without.

Boasting a myriad of uses, from stacking plates and dinnerware to storing towels and toys, the sideboard now takes its place in any part of the home.

From the living room to utility areas and even as stylish shoe storage for hallways and porches, right back to its first intended home – the dining room.

Being an integral part of the home for as long as we can remember, the sideboard has had many makeovers and has long swapped its usual chunky, space-sucking form, for a sleeker, modern model, meaning you’ll find a sideboard for just about any place its needed.

Signature Vidal Wide Sideboard

3. Display cabinets

Though it may seem counterintuitive to have items on display when you’re trying to cut out the clutter, there’s nothing wrong with having a few homely items on show.

A cabinet is the best of both worlds as it offers a mix of open and closed storage, giving the opportunity to proudly display prized possessions whilst neatly hiding away others.

What’s more, just like the faithful sideboard, a cabinet can be useful in any area, from housing dinnerware in the kitchen to providing clever under stairs storage.

Aruba Shelf Unit

4. Organised office spaces

Whether you have a designated study room, a small space in a snug or are taking up a corner of the living room, a well-designed office space can make all the difference to an area of such productivity.

Firstly, choose a desk with storage, so you have somewhere to put away things like paperwork and pens. This will eradicate the need for any additional cupboards or drawers.

If you’re doubling up on space and don’t fancy a traditional office desk in the living room, a bureau may be a good option as they often have storage, and it will look like a normal feature of a living room, until you open it up to reveal a cute little work space.

A console table could also work well and usually feature a draw or two and a shelf – perfect for placing bulky items like folders and perhaps a printer.

Cruz Console Table

5. Free up floor space

One of the biggest challenges when choosing furniture is figuring out how much room you will have once the item is in place.

By finding ways to integrate storage without having to take up floor space, you will immediately save room and stress.

Opt for wall-mounted shelves instead of floor shelving units to keep things like books, music, photo albums and collectables, and use them to curate an interesting display.

Check out @oshutthefrontdoor’s eclectic collection of books, plants, photos and prints on their living room shelving.

Image credit: @oshutthefrontdoor

6. Kitchen storage ideas

It feels like a kitchen will never have enough storage space. Even in the most kitted-out of kitchens, you may long for more cupboard room.

For a compact kitchen, or if you’ve simply run out of room in the cabinets, mounted shelves or shelving units offer a great alternative for storing items. Even the cupboard staples can be used to make a homely little display.

Decant your pasta into clear jars or show off your seasoning skills with a line up of spices and herbs, or better still, fresh herbs in pots, which will have the added bonus of filling your home with a tempting aroma.

If you’d rather not have things on show, hide them in some stylish storage baskets.

We love Instagram user, @mywicklow_no9’s carefully curated kitchen shelving unit featuring flooring from ScS.

Image credit: @mywicklow_no9

7. Make use of alcoves

Taking advantage of alcoves is a great way to increase storage, without taking up any room.

No matter how small they may be, you can make good use of an alcove and it can be surprising the difference a little nook can make. Install some shelving, making sure they are the same length as the alcove to make full use of the space.

If you want to make the shelves blend in, paint them the same shade as your walls to create a style statement and give the room a seamless flow. 

I love Instagram user’s @the_homely_home’s genius use of an alcove. Painted in beautiful sage green to match the décor

Image credit: @the_homely_home

I hope our article has given you plenty of stylish storage solutions and organisation tips for your home. For more ideas on making the most of your space, read my article 14 small living room ideas.

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27th July 2023

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