4 of the best green chairs & how to style them

Ahhh, glorious green, the colour associated with nature, rebirth and balance, among many other things. 

From rich emerald to zingy lime, green has an abundance of greatness to add to living spaces, whether it’s a splash of green here and there, or full-blown greenness, i.e. carpets and walls. 

If you’re a fan of green, but only want a flash of it, for subtlety not to mention effect, depending on the shade and texture you go for, green chairs are an excellent choice.

Here we talk you through the best colours to pair with green. We also share some styling tips, as well as our top three green chairs right now.

What colours go with green?

Green is a primary colour that can be combined with blue and red to create other colours. Because of its close connections with nature, it’s widely acknowledged as being a calming, not to mention, refreshing shade. Some studies have even found that green is capable of making people more creative.

Interestingly, green isn’t a neutral colour, but lots of people believe it is. Shades such as sage green, navy blue and chocolate brown do tend to look more neutral when you apply them to your décor compared to reds and purples. Why? Because they aren’t overpowering and, of course, can be a similar shade to nature (e.g. plants and foliage), giving them more of a calming effect.

The good news is, most colours go with green, mainly because it sits in the centre of the colour wheel and has the ability to work well with both cold and warm shades, like these: 


Yellow works with green because it’s fresh and bright, just like green. What’s more, they’re both linked to nature. Both vibrant yellow and sage green go together, so do mustard yellow and pale yellow. The key here is not to go all-out with both of the shades, otherwise your space will become very busy all of a sudden.


Who said pink and green should never be seen? We definitely didn’t! Picture this – a dark green velvet chair with a deep pink/blush velvet cushion on it, next to a gold rimmed coffee or side table. Even better, a dark green chair with a dark pink cushion and a textured white throw to mesh the two shades together. Heaven! (Tip: Avoid the temptation to go all-out with pink, little dashes are all you need for the green and pink colour combo to work).


Green and white are the perfect marriage, whether that’s lime, emerald, moss or bottle green and any other shade of green. The richness of the green and the freshness of white effortlessly work well together. For instance, draping a white throw over the top of a sage green chair or putting a plump white cushion on an emerald green chair really makes the green stand out.


If you get the shades right, green goes with light and dark orange, despite the fact they are contrasting colours. For instance, you could have a dark green armchair with a bright orange, brown and white tartan-striped casually draped over one arm. Or it could just be a bright orange throw. Meanwhile, painting a wall in a shade of light orange and putting a lime green chair in front of it, will result in both colours shining because they’re both linked to the same bright, light and zingy vibe. 

What colour should your accent chair be?

Your accent chair can, and should be, any colour you want it to be! It’s important you love the colour of the chair as much as you love the style (after all, you’ll be the one using and looking at it for many years to come!)

As for colour choices, accent chairs come in all sorts of green shades these days. This includes both block colours, as well as patterns. 

How do you style a green accent chair?

With careful consideration because you don’t want your chair to get lost among the rest of your furniture and interior design scheme.

Ideally, you want to give your green accent chair the prominence it deserves, while also being able to use it on an everyday basis.

The most practical, way to style any accent chair (green ones included), is to take your initial inspiration from those complementary colours, e.g. yellow, pink, white, orange.

Choose one of the colours and then decide how you’re going to decorate your chair with it.

The easiest and most effective way, is by popping a plain or patterned cushion on it or adding a throw to it.

Remember, less is more. You can always add to your chair if you still feel as though it’s missing something, for instance, by putting a rug underneath it or adding a different shaped cushion, space permitting.

Should your accent chair match your couch?

No, it doesn’t have to.

Lots of people have a separate accent chair that’s in a completely different colour or pattern to their couch.

You can choose something that’s totally different or if you want to weave your chair in with the rest of your furniture a little bit, make sure it’s in a complementary colour or in the same colour, or a slightly different shade to your couch.

Already have a green sofa? Check out this article for styling ideas!

4 of the best green accent chairs

We’re loving these green accent chairs right now:

1. Bloom standard chair

Emerald green chairs don’t come more stunning than this!

This chair stands out for all the right reasons – velvet effect finish, rounded arms, snug seat and perfectly angled oak or mahogany effect feet. 

£ 609.0

Only £ 609

More Colours

More colours available

Colours available

From £ 12.48 a month over 4 years 0% APR

2. Bloom love chair

If you've got enough space, upgrade to a love chair!

There’s nothing not to love about this chair, especially in the Harriet Green Collection shade.

Spacious enough for two to snuggle up together, and with rounded arms, an ample-sized back and perfectly angled oak or mahogany effect feet, this accent chair is a real beauty.

£ 669.0

Only £ 669

More Colours

More colours available

Colours available

From £ 13.73 a month over 4 years 0% APR

3. Ferndale patterned accent chair

A perfect blend of elegance and retro escapism with its sleek crushed velvet and leafy accents.

The Ferndale accent chair with fern-like printed fabric on the sides will be real accent piece to your lounge.

Also available plain, without the print on the side.

£ 399.99

Only £ 399 .99

From £ 8.12 a month over 4 years 0% APR

4. Sophia manhatten accent chair

If you're looking for something smaller, perhaps to go in a small corner for reading or a dressing table chair, the Sophie accent chair is the one for you!

In a lovely Emerald chenille fabric, the Sophia has high-backed seats and foam seat interiors for extra support and comfort.

£ 189.0

Only £ 189

Green accent chairs are a worthy investment that work so well in so many settings. Don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t forget to show us your green chairs in all their glory! 

Published: 10th June 2022