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Best jumbo corduroy sofas in 2024

Discover everything you need to know about jumbo cord sofas in 2024 and my pick of the best corduroy sofas.

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Corduroy sofas are a recurrent favourite due to their soft-touch and practical qualities. Cosy and welcoming, their inviting texture and homely feel are just some of the reasons why cord is such a popular choice amongst sofa buyers.

In this article, we will explore all there is to know about jumbo cord sofas and I’ll share my roundup of the best jumbo cord sofas for 2024.

What is jumbo cord?

We all know and love corduroy, however, you may not be as familiar with jumbo cord – which is defined as “a type of corduroy in which the raised, parallel lines are very wide”.

Jumbo cord features distinctive ribs through the length of the fabric, which gives it its distinguished look. The chunky lines of ridged velvet fabric are perfect for snuggling into any time of the day. Surprisingly durable, jumbo cord is a resilient choice and remarkably pet-friendly - making it the perfect place for your furry friends to curl up.

A luxurious alternative to a plain fabric sofa, jumbo cord offers a plush, premium feel, guaranteed to give your living room an irresistibly cosy makeover.

Is jumbo cord hard-wearing? 

Corduroy is known for being an extremely durable fabric so it’s perfect for a busy home and family life. You won’t have to worry too much about keeping it looking its best as spillages and accidents can be quickly resolved.

However, whilst it is a hard-wearing fabric, there is a risk of tearing so be careful when you sit on it with any exposed zips or buttons as you don’t want these to pull on the fabric. A jumbo cord sofa is a beautiful choice that just needs a little TLC so you can enjoy it for longer. 

Is a corduroy sofa easy to clean?

Yes, a corduroy sofa is easy to clean yourself, it’s just important to know what to do after a spillage. No matter what you’re cleaning up, it’s essential that you clean it up as soon as possible to reduce the risk of staining. Ensure any brushing of the fabric is done in the same direction, this is to keep the fabric looking its best and prevent it from looking ‘roughed-up’. 

Corduroy can be cleaned with most common household cleaning items: a handheld vacuum, a soft-bristled brush, dry cleaning wipes and a clean cloth. Vacuuming and brushing away dust and debris off the upholstery regularly will prevent you from rubbing it into the fabric later on. 

Cleaning as you go is the easiest and most efficient way of keeping your cord sofa looking its best and minimise stubborn stains. Our fabric sofa care guide may also be helpful if you’re looking for more cleaning hints and tips.  

Our top jumbo cord sofas

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to picking your brand new jumbo cord sofa, I’ve rounded up some my top picks below.

1. Living Heidi 2 Corner 1 Standard Back Sofa

A cosy favourite, this sofa is available in a wide range of fabrics and features a gorgeous, soft, chunky cord fabric with a faux snakeskin trim.

Choose between three-seater sofas and two-seater sofas, chairs, footstools and a range of matching corner sofas.


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Very soft & cosy

Very soft & cosy

2. Chicago 2 Corner 1 Right Hand Facing Chaise

Loved for its retro-inspired styling and chunking cord upholstery, our Chicago collection is available in an impressive collection of neutral colourways, including charcoal, chocolate, coffee and classic black.

The range also includes 2 and 3 seater sofas, chairs and a stylish matching footstool. 


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£ 23.58 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

Very soft & cosy

Very soft & cosy

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3. La-Z-Boy Tamla 2 Corner 1 Static

This corduroy corner sofa combines high backed comfort with a beautifully plush cord upholstery that you won’t want to get up from.

Super soft yet hard-wearing, this premium feel La-Z-Boy sofa is renowned for being top of the class for relaxation.

With an wide array of colours to choose from, you won’t have to compromise on style. Each piece comes with complementary scatter cushions, complete with stylish contrasting detailing.

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Only £ 2,299 .99

£ 63.89 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

Very soft & cosy

Very soft & cosy

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4. Ross Fabric 3 Seater Standard Back Sofa

Irresistibly cosy, the Ross 3 seater sofa boasts luxuriously deep seats, cushioned arms and fibre-filled seat and back cushions for sink-in comfort.

Available in 5 classic colours, the Ross is guaranteed to blend in effortlessly to a multitude of colour schemes.


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Was £ 549

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£ 13.86 a month for 3 years | 0% APR

Very soft & cosy

Very soft & cosy

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